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Extending access to Google Meet for Glass Enterprise Edition


Open beta now available to all Google Workspace customers

Seeing is believing. For many service technicians, trainers, and other frontline workers, the ability to share a real-time view of what they can see with their virtual clients or teams can make all the difference. That’s what we’ve heard from global participants in the closed beta of Google Meet running on Glass Enterprise Edition 2 that we announced last year. 

Starting today, we’re making Google Meet on Glass Enterprise Edition 2 (Meet on Glass) more broadly available through an open beta. Any Google Workspace customer around the world can now give their employees, suppliers, and partners greater sight with Glass—using the simple and intuitive Google Meet environment they’re already used to. With Meet on Glass, meeting participants can experience a first-person view of the Glass wearer’s perspective and collaborate with the entire video meeting in real time. 

Using Meet on Glass to troubleshoot in real-time with virtual team members (image simulated)

Making it easier to solve hard problems

Customers who’ve been testing Meet on Glass are linking their teams across geographies to collaborate in new ways and solve problems together. In the US, real estate services group CBRE has implemented Meet on Glass to allow employees at job sites to connect with HQ teams and project managers. Connecting the whole team with live video from the frontline is allowing faster decision making and clearer communications between team members. 

To be successful, remote assistance via video call must be simple and seamless. CBRE and other early customers have shared that they don’t want their workers to have to become technical experts to use video collaboration in this way. Ease of use—both for Google Meet and for Glass—and speed to join a video meeting are top priorities for them. And with Google Workspace integration, their teams can now join Calendar events directly from Glass with just a few taps. No complex signing in or scanning codes are required; users simply choose from their calendar on Glass to instantly join the meeting.

Getting Google Meet on Glass Enterprise Edition 2 

The Meet team is working with the community of Google Workspace partners to enable Google Meet on Glass Enterprise Edition 2 for customers in North America, Europe, and Australia. Customers in Japan can now also get Glass through a first-of-its-kind partnership with NTT DOCOMO, which can provide Meet on Glass directly to its customers in Japan. After extensive testing, NTT DOCOMO chose Google Meet on Glass as the preferred solution for their business customers who want frontline collaboration solutions for their enterprises.

Meet on Glass is one of the ways we’re bringing powerful new video conferencing experiences to customers around the world, regardless of the devices they’re using to connect and collaborate with their teams. When combined with our Google meet hardware and peripherals, the possibilities for real-time connection and problem solving are even greater. And it’s part of our ongoing commitment to creating innovative and immersive meeting experiences that help people feel like they’re working together, not just meeting together.

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