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Direct VPC egress on Cloud Run is now generally available

April 23, 2024
Wietse Venema

Developer Relations Engineer

Xiaowen Xin

Product Manager, Serverless Networking and Security

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Today, we're launching the general availability (GA) of Direct VPC egress for Cloud Run. This feature enables your Cloud Run resources to send traffic directly to a VPC network without proxying it through Serverless VPC Access connectors, making it easier to set up, faster, and with lower costs.

In fact, Direct VPC egress delivers approximately twice the throughput compared to both VPC connectors and the default Cloud Run internet egress path, offering up to 1 GB per second per instance. Whether you're sending traffic to destinations on the VPC, to other Google Cloud services like Cloud Storage, or to other destinations on the public internet, Direct VPC egress offers higher throughput and lower latency for performance-sensitive apps.

What's new since the preview

Notable improvements and new features:

  1. All regions where Cloud Run is available are now enabled for Direct VPC egress.

  2. Each Cloud Run service revision with Direct VPC can now scale beyond 100 instances as controlled by a quota. There is a standard quota increase request process if you need to scale even more. 

  3. Cloud NAT is supported, and Direct VPC egress traffic is now included in VPC Flow Logs and Firewall Rules Logging.

These updates address the top issues reported by our preview customers, especially larger customers with advanced scalability, networking, and security requirements. 

Customer feedback

Many customers have been trying Direct VPC egress in preview since last year and have given us great feedback, including DZ BANK:

"With Direct VPC egress for Cloud Run, the platform team can more easily onboard new Cloud Run workloads because we no longer need to maintain Serverless VPC Access connectors and their associated dedicated /28 subnets. In our dynamic environment, where new Cloud Run services are created regularly, this simpler networking architecture saves us 4-6 hours per week of manual toil. We have also deprovisioned 30+ VPC connectors, saving on the additional compute costs for running them." - Tim Harpe, Senior Cloud Engineer, DZ BANK

If you enable direct VPC egress and send all your egress traffic to a VPC, you can leverage the same tools and capabilities for all your traffic – from Cloud Run, GKE, or VMs.

Next steps

Direct VPC egress is ready for your production workloads. Try it today and enjoy better performance and lower cost.

For a primer about how Direct VPC egress works, check out our preview blog post and its attached explainer video.

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