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The top 5 videos on the new Google Maps Platform YouTube channel

Our new Google Maps Platform YouTube channel brings you videos to help you learn to do more with Google Maps Platform and get inspired by the amazing things others are building. From tutorials to announcements to user stories to the return of the Geocasts series–there’s a variety of helpful videos for you to view, so here’s a look at the top 5 videos you’ll find on our channel and playlists right now. Be sure to visit the channel to see more and subscribe to stay up to date. 

How to enable Google Maps Platform APIs and SDKs

In our most-watched video to date, engineer Emily Keller explains how to enable Google Maps Platform APIs and SDKs. Once you’ve mastered that, you can get started and build experiences that help your users explore the world or that help optimize your business and operations.

A deep dive on building for performance and scale at Google I/O 2019 

If you missed I/O this year, then our I/O playlist will get you up to speed. In this video, we’ll reintroduce you to building with Google Maps Platform with a deep look at implementations that exemplify best practices. You'll also learn new ways to use the Maps APIs to work with large-scale data and tips to implement our improvements to custom styling.

A game demo built with Google Maps Platform: Space Janitor

At the Game Developers Conference this year, we displayed a variety of game demos to give you an idea of new types of engaging location-based games you can build using Google Maps Platform’s gaming solution. Space Janitor, called one of the most creative mobile games at GDC, has been the most-watched game demo on our new YouTube channel so far. 

Google Maps Platform industry solutions at Cloud Next 2019 

If hearing from the team inspires you to build amazing experiences, then this presentation given by Geo SVP Jen Fitzpatrick at Cloud Next 2019, is right up your alley. Learn about recent advances in how we map the world and industry-specific solutions we’ve developed for gaming and ridesharing.

How Global Risk Assessment Services uses Google Maps Platform 

Seeing teams take on global-scale problems with the possibility to change the world can be a real inspiration no matter what you’re working on. In this video, you’ll learn more about how Global Risk Assessment Services uses Google Maps Platform to provide reliable information about the ecological and social risks of expanding agriculture into natural habitats. 

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