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Meet the Google Maps Platform Developer Experts

GMP Developer Experts

Google Developer Experts (GDEs) is one of Google’s most well-known developer programs. It recognizes nearly 700 non-Googlers worldwide for their expertise in different technologies and supports their efforts to serve developer communities in their home regions and around the world. GDEs are experts in a wide range of topic areas from web technologies to Android to Google Assistant–and of course, Google Maps Platform–who spread their knowledge and enthusiasm through every medium imaginable, in-person, and online.

The Google Maps Platform team has GDEs in more than 12 countries, who we work closely with to test and improve our products and features, and who help developers of all skill levels get the most out of our 17 APIs and SDKs. As part of the 15th anniversary of Google Maps Platform, we asked 12 of our GDEs why they’re so passionate about the platform and why they chose to join the Google Maps Platform GDE program to help other developers. Here’s what they had to say.

GMP Developer Expert

Yukio Andoh

"If you have a map, you can go anywhere. Google Maps has reminded me that maps are endless and the earth is round!"

GMP Developer Expert

Diana Rodriguez
Durham, NC., U.S.

“I'm passionate about geolocation! For many years I worked on projects that helped people travel securely from place-to-place, freight tracking, and lately incorporating the wonders of maps and webGL. I love connecting with communities and sharing new and exciting ways to integrate and use Google Maps Platform to make things happen!

GMP Developer Expert

Katerina Skroumpelou
Athens, Greece

“I am just obsessed with maps. Suffering from PTSD (with a resulting claustrophobia and agoraphobia), I’ve always needed to know where I am (and how I can get quickly out of there), so this got me into Google Maps in the first place. The need to spread the knowledge was a consequence, and a way to make people love Google maps as much as I do, after discovering all the great things they can do.”

GMP Developer Expert

Alain Chautard
Sacramento, Calif., U.S.

“I've been helping people create powerful data visualizations using the Google Maps Platform for years. I'm still amazed to see how mapped information can shed new light on data and help with decision making.”

GMP Developer Expert

Josue Gutierrez
Mexico City

"Making data visualizations with Google Maps Platform is one of my biggest passions, and allows me to show people what is happening in the places they live."

GMP Developer Expert

Kristina Simakova
Oslo, Norway

“Not many people realise how many interesting challenges there are in maps: different projections, finding the shortest path and much more. Everyone can find something interesting to solve.”

GMP Developer Expert

Ben Hong
Washington, D.C.

“Maps enable people to not only understand where they are but where they are going. It is inspiring to be part of a team that helps empower developers to leverage Google Maps Platform to build incredible experiences.”

GMP Developer Expert

Homing Tam
Hong Kong

“I wanted to bring maps into every application, and help make it so that there’s no learning curve for others who want to use Google Maps Platform.”

GMP Developer Expert

Joel Humberto Gómez Paredes
Veracruz, Mexico

"I like to explore the world around me, visualize it in different perspectives and share with community how to do it too, because everything happens in a place."

GMP Developer Expert

Martin Kleppe
Hamburg, Germany

“I have been using the Google Maps API since it was released, 15 years ago. We then founded our company, Ubilabs, and are now supporting many clients to connect their data with the real world. As a GDE I get insights about upcoming API additions and we can give early feedback from our clients back to Google.”

GMP Developer Expert

Alpha Yang

“I use Google Maps Platform to explore the meaning of the location dimension behind the bytes of data, and make it useful and available to every application and person.”

GMP Developer Expert

Steven Gray

“If a picture tells a thousand words, a map blows that right off the scale. I marvel at the stories you can tell with them.  I've been a GDE for almost 8 years and I just love the community and talking to developers about getting the most out of their maps. Google Maps Platform is so much more than just a red pin!”

To get tips from and be inspired by our GDEs, follow them on social. To learn more about Google Maps Platform APIs and SDKs, check out our documentation. And for more information on Google Maps Platform, visit our website.