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Bring your map to life with enhanced natural features

Iceland New Map Styling

Today we announced an evolution of the map. Using a new satellite color mapping technique, Google Maps now has one of the most comprehensive views of natural features on any major map app–with availability in all 220 countries and territories that it supports. You can use our recently launched cloud-based map styling tools to preview this new map, adapt your style to it, and bring it to your users–on your schedule–starting September 15.  

These changes bring a whole new sense of place to our maps. 

Croatia New Map Styling
You can now clearly make out the beaches and greenery of Croatia’s coast, islands and inland.
Iceland New Map Styling
Iceland’s landscape is now more nuanced. You can even see Vatnajökull–the largest ice cap in the country.
Mt. Rainier National Park New Map Styling
If you look at Mt. Rainier National Park, you’ll see defined ridges and its white snowcap, along with its borders outlined in a darker shade of green.

These beautiful new maps are easy to adopt with cloud-based map styling. Starting September 15 when you create a new map style in the Cloud Console it will automatically get our improved map. All you have to do is apply your existing customizations, preview your changes in the style editor, and hit publish! Read more about adopting our new map in our documentation (JS, Android, iOS). 

If you want more time to explore these new features before turning them on for your users, you have two options. First, if your maps use cloud-based styling, you can simply create a style before September 15th. Any cloud-based styles created before September 15th will retain the old map color scheme and vegetation until we roll this update to all Google Maps Platform maps in early 2021. If you haven’t tried cloud-based map styling yet and aren’t in a hurry to bring enhanced vegetation to your customers, no action is required on your part. Your maps will be automatically updated in early 2021.     

For more information on Google Maps Platform, visit our website.