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Announcing marker clustering in the Google Maps SDK for iOS Utility Library

July 19, 2016
Megan Boundey

Product Manager, Google Maps Mobile APIs

Today we’ve added marker clustering to the Google Maps SDK for iOS Utility Library! This much-requested feature is now available for iOS in addition to Android and JavaScript.

Do you ever feel that your map just has too many markers on it, making it feel cluttered and hard to comprehend? Or, perhaps you want to show where the popular restaurants are in your city, but you still want your map to look clean?

Marker clustering supports you in doing this. As the zoom levels of the map change, you can aggregate markers, indicating clearly to your users exactly where those popular restaurants are located. As your user zooms in, the markers progressively split out until all of the individual markers are displayed.Using the new marker clustering feature in the Google Maps SDK for iOS Utility Library is an easy 4 step process:

  • Add ‘Google-Maps-iOS-Utils’ to your Podfile
  • Instantiate the GMUClusterManager
  • Implement the GMUClusterItem protocol for your marker objects
  • Add the marker objects to the cluster manager
We provide the default algorithm, renderer and icon generator to support you in doing this. In addition, you can also fully customize each of these by extending the default implementations, or by providing your own implementation of these protocols: GMUClusterAlgorithm, GMUClusterRenderer, GMUClusterIconGenerator.

Take a look at the documentation and demo samples, and start using marker clustering in the Google Maps SDK for iOS Utility Library today!

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