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Supporting your compliance journey with Compliance Resource Center

June 8, 2020
Bhavna Batra

Trust & Compliance Product Marketing Manager, Google Cloud

Michee Smith

Product Manager, Security & Privacy

Building and maintaining a compliance program can be complex and challenging. It requires implementing policies, operational and physical security controls, and various reporting mechanisms. We know our customers have to manage a wide variety of regulatory and industry-specific compliance requirements, and Google Cloud is committed to being a partner in your compliance journey. 

To help you manage your compliance initiatives, today we’re announcing an updated Compliance Resource Center. It provides on-demand access to helpful resources to support your compliance efforts, verify technical compliance and control requirements, and help you understand region- and industry-specific regulations. 

Compliance Resource Center can help you: 

Compliance Resource Center is part of our ongoing commitment to make Google Cloud the most trusted and transparent cloud provider. As the global regulatory landscape evolves, we’ll continue to update Compliance Resource Center to make sure we support your compliance needs, whatever they may be. 

To learn more about our most up-to-date compliance offerings, please check out our compliance offerings page.

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