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The Defender's Advantage Cyber Snapshot Issue 3 — Focus on Operational Challenges

March 7, 2023

Written by: Shelly Tzoumas

Though we continue to report on critical cyber threats, we recognize these are not the only security problems faced by organizations. Operational challenges, for example, impair an organization’s ability to defend itself. We see more and more organizations experiencing organizational challenges, and will continue to provide insights on this broad topic to support our customers and the greater community.

Our third issue of The Defender’s Advantage Cyber Snapshot, launching today, covers our observations on the following topics:

  • The Journey to Passwordless Authentication offers guidance to organizations considering the many practical and scalable methods of leveraging passwordless authentication.
  • Minimizing Risk to Obtain Cyber Insurance provides organizations with awareness and help navigating the volatile cyber insurance market as increasing ransomware payments push insurers to sharpen their pencils and create troubling exclusions.
  • Security Analyst Case Study: See and Stop Software Supply Chain Compromises is a security analyst perspective on detecting and investigating difficult compromises to defend in the supply chain.
  • Activating Cyber Defense Around CISA’s Cross-Sector Cybersecurity Performance Goals helps organizations see the recently published Cross-Sector Cybersecurity Performance Goals (CPGs) from the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency’s (CISA) as a starting point for reducing operational technology risk.

Successfully defending against today’s advanced attackers requires effective technology and up-to-the-minute threat information, and the ability to activate both within the functions of cyber defense. The Defender’s Advantage guide and our companion Cyber Snapshot reports deliver insights and advice on how to advance an organization’s security capabilities to build a robust, comprehensive security program.

Read the latest issue of The Defender’s Advantage Cyber Snapshot today.

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