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Registration for the Associate Cloud Engineer beta exam is now open

April 27, 2018
Katie Richardson

Google Cloud Certified Program Manager

Mastering a discipline depends on learning the fundamentals of a craft before you can aspire to the next level.

To this point, we’ve developed a new certification exam, Associate Cloud Engineer, that identifies individuals who have the foundational skills necessary to use Google Cloud Console to deploy applications, monitor operations, and manage enterprise solutions. We are excited to announce that registration for the Associate Cloud Engineer beta exam is now open.

As businesses move in growing numbers to cloud-based environments, the need to hire or fill existing skills gaps with individuals proficient in cloud technology has skyrocketed. Unfortunately, there is a clear lack of people with the requisite skills to work with cloud technologies.

If you’re an aspiring cloud architect or data engineer who is technically proficient in the Google Cloud environment but don’t have years of experience designing cloud solutions, this certification is for you. The Associate Cloud Engineer is an entry point to our professional-level cloud certifications, Cloud Architect and Data Engineer, which recognize individuals who can use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to solve more complex and strategic business problems.

Demonstrate that you have mastered the fundamental cloud skills as an Associate Cloud Engineer so you can take your next steps to become a Google Cloud Certified professional.

  • The beta exam is now open for registration. The testing period runs May 9-30, 2018
  • To earn this certification, you must successfully pass our Associate Cloud Engineer exam
  • Save 40% on the cost of certification by participating in this beta
  • The length of the exam is four hours 

When you become an Associate Cloud Engineer, you show potential employers that you have the essential skills to work on GCP. So, what are you waiting for?

Register to take the beta exam today.

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