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Partnering to bring Windows workloads to Google Cloud Platform

March 9, 2017
Chris Sells

Product Manager, Google Cloud

We work with a growing ecosystem of partners across all of our products and features to make sure that you have the help and advice you need from the consultants and product companies you work with. And, we provide our partners with extensive training to make sure that they know the right way to work with Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

This is a program that we’re always expanding, which is why this week at Google Cloud Next '17 we announced the availability of the Windows Partner Program.

With our increased support for Windows workloads on the technical side, we know that GCP is joining a larger Windows and .NET ecosystem. Part of that is working with top system integrators in the Windows community to make sure that they’re ready to help GCP customers take the best advantage of our platform with new and existing Windows and .NET apps and services. Towards that end, we’ve certified the following partners for Windows on GCP.

Featured Windows Partners


Together with its clients, Capgemini creates and delivers business, technology and digital solutions that fit their needs, enabling clients to achieve innovation and competitiveness.


With hundreds of .NET developers and certified engineers in GCP, CI&T is a go-to global partner for companies in the Microsoft stack seeking to benefit from GCP’s availability, security and price points.


From strategic planning to technical execution, Magenic creates new applications using Microsoft .NET and other platforms for any channel and modernizes existing applications to run optimally on GCP.

For a dive into Magenic’s guidance on bringing your existing ASP.NET apps to GCP, check out Using Google Cloud to Host .NET Applications and How to Lift-and-Shift a Line of Business Application onto Google Cloud Platform.


Neudesic consultants bring business and technology expertise together, offering a wide range of cloud- and data-driven solutions, including custom application development (.NET and beyond), comprehensive managed services and business software products.


SADA Systems provides managed services to clients with a holistic approach to provide ongoing monitoring and support for the implementation of Windows on GCP. SADA is also a Microsoft National Solutions provider and offers premium support for Windows platform.

GCP is a great place for Windows/.NET

With the Windows Partner Program, we’ve gathered together top support to help you take best advantage of Windows on GCP.

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