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Oregon region (us-west1) adds third zone, Cloud SQL and Regional Managed Instance Groups

May 31, 2017
Dave Stiver

Product Manager, Google Cloud Platform

Last summer we launched the Oregon region (us-west1) with two zones and a number of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services. The region quickly became popular with developers looking to place applications close to users along the west coast of North America.


Today we’re opening a third zone in Oregon (us-west1-c) and two additional services: Cloud SQL and Regional Managed Instance Groups (MIGs). Cloud SQL is a fully managed service supporting relational PostgreSQL BETA and MySQL databases in the cloud. Regional MIGs make it easy to improve application availability by spreading virtual machine instances across three zones.

All three zones in Oregon (us-west1) contain the following services:

  • Compute Engine
  • Container Engine
  • Dataflow
  • Dataproc
  • Datalab

As with all GCP zones, the following services are available to support compute workloads:


In addition to Oregon, we'll soon be opening new regions in North America in Montreal and California. Our locations page provides the latest updates to GCP regions, zones and the services available in each. Give us a shout to request early access to new regions and help us prioritize what we build for you next.

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