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Leveraging the synergies: Synergyse, Google Apps and GCP

May 3, 2016
Alex Barrett

GCP Blog Editor, Google Cloud Platform Blog

Since 2013, over four million people that needed a bit of help with Gmail, Calendar, Drive or Docs have turned to Synergyse, a virtual training coach for the Google Apps suite. Today, we announced that Synergyse is joining the Google family, and that all Google Apps users will be able to install the extension for free while the integration is underway. Run, don’t walk, to get your copy.

Free stuff aside, the Synergyse architecture serves as a powerful reminder of what’s possible when you choose Google as your application design partner: Synergyse reaches millions of consumers and business users that rely on the easy-to-use and integrated Google Apps suite. The Synergyse training modules make their way to users through a simple Google Chrome extension.

Moreover, the Synergyse back-end is powered by Google Cloud Platform, which takes care of delivering interactive context-aware training on-demand, as new users come online. Because Synergyse is hosted in the cloud, the team can easily add or update its training modules, and because it is built on GCP, it’s easy to weave in advanced Google functionality like search and speech recognition. It’s a testament to the cool things you can do when you use openness, collaboration and integration as your guiding product development principles.

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