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Last month today: November on GCP

December 4, 2019
Google Cloud Content Team

November brought lots of news and tips, while cloud practitioners gathered at Next UK. It was, dare we say, a brimming cornucopia of cloud technology. Here’s a quick look at last month’s highlights from around Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Paving the path to cloud

  • In November, we announced the acquisition of CloudSimple, which provides a secure, dedicated environment to run VMware workloads in the cloud. This makes it easier for businesses running all kinds of apps on VMware to easily migrate those workloads to the cloud. Enterprise customers want simple, flexible ways to migrate their workloads, so we’re excited to bring this option to you.

  • Cloud Run became generally available last month, making it easier for developers to write code for cloud apps in any language, using any binary, in a fully managed way. It’s both natively serverless and based on containers. The announcement covered both Cloud Run, which is a serverless execution environment for running stateless HTTP-driven containers, and Cloud Run for Anthos, which lets you deploy Cloud Run apps to an Anthos GKE cluster on-prem or in Google Cloud. 

  • Our Bare-Metal Solution became available at Next UK, giving Google Cloud users another option for easy cloud migration. It’s designed for those on-prem apps that might be holding back cloud migration, such as Oracle databases. Bare Metal Solution consists of all the infrastructure you need to run specialized workloads, connected with a dedicated, low-latency interconnect to all native Google Cloud services. And here’s a wrapup of all the news from the Next UK show.

Ever-easier development for cloud

  • Developers creating Kubernetes-native apps can now use Skaffold, an automation tool that helps build and manage container images across registries, update Kubernetes manifests, and redeploy apps when code changes. Skaffold is the underlying engine of Cloud Code, and it lets you focus on code changes and see them reflected right away in your cluster. 

  • Data science platform Kaggle now integrates with AutoML products to help its more than 3.5 million community members learn and apply machine learning. Google’s AutoML is a suite of products that lets users build custom ML models for problems in data, vision, natural language, structured data and more. This new integration means Kaggle users can access the AutoML SDK directly from Kaggle Notebooks—and start using ML models without a large and intimidating upfront time investment.

What’s new on the shelves at Google Cloud

  • The newly introduced Network Intelligence Center can monitor, verify, and optimize your network across the cloud and on-prem data centers. Network operations teams often work with fragmented tools and legacy systems to understand network health, which becomes especially problematic when operating in a multi-cloud environment. Network Intelligence Center is designed for simpler, comprehensive network monitoring, with four modules to start: connectivity tests, network topology, performance dashboard, and firewall metrics and insights.

  • Our Contact Center AI platform became generally available last month, letting you add personalized customer care to your services. Two features of Contact Center AI, Virtual Agent and Agent Assist (which just became generally available), both improve the customer experience while increasing operational efficiency. Virtual Agent lets you offer customers 24/7 access to immediate, conversational self-service, while Agent Assist helps live agents with continuous support in real time, including call transcription and recommendations for workflows and more.

That’s a wrap for November! Till next time, keep up with us on Twitter.

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