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Opening a third zone in Singapore

May 15, 2018
Dave Stiver

Product Manager, Google Cloud Platform

When we opened the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Singapore region last year,  it launched with two zones. Today, we’re happy to announce a third zone (asia-southeast1-c) and a few new services. This expansion will make it easier for customers, especially in Southeast Asia, to build highly available services that meet the needs of their business.

This is the 46th GCP zone globally, and now all 15 GCP regions have three or more zones. We build every region with the intention of providing at least three zones because we understand the importance of high availability. Customers can distribute their apps and storage across multiple zones to protect against service disruptions.

New services
At launch, the Singapore region had a core set of services and we’ve continued to add services like Cloud KMS and Cloud Bigtable. Now, we’ve added three new services to the region: Cloud Spanner, Cloud SQL, and Managed Instance Groups.


What customers are saying


It’s super exciting to see the third availability zone go up in Singapore, as more GCP services will be provisioned closer to ASEAN. This will help ensure our customers have the best experience and reliability on our web or mobile products.

Nikunj Shanti Patel, Chief Data and Digital Officer


A year ago we selected Google Cloud as our provider for BBM. A year later, we've migrated BBM to Google's Cloud platform and will leverage the third zone in Singapore to bring Google's innovation closer to our user base in Indonesia.

Mohan Krishnan, CTO, of Creative Media Works, the company that runs BBM Messenger Consumer globally.


With services such as Cloud SQL being made available, the third zone in Singapore will enable us to deliver the best viewing experience to our massive user base in this region. Since our engineering team is also located here, we can leverage the new services and bring further innovation to our platform at a faster pace.

Alex Chan, SVP of Product and Engineering, Viki


For the latest on availability of services from this region as well as additional regions and services, visit our locations page. For guidance on how to build and create highly available applications, take a look at our zones and regions page. Watch this webinar to learn more about how we bring GCP closer to you. Give us a shout to request early access to new regions and help us prioritize what we build next.

We’re excited to see what you’ll build next on GCP!

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