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Firebase and Google Cloud: better together

May 18, 2016
James Tamplin and Francis Ma

Firebase Product Leads

In the short time since Firebase joined Google, the passionate community of developers using the backend-as-a-service to handle the heavy lifting of building an app has grown from 110,000 to over 470,000 developers around the world.

In that same span, Firebase has come to rely on Google Cloud Platform, leaning on GCP for core infrastructure as well as value-added services. For example, GCP figures prominently in several of the new Firebase features that we’re announcing at Google I/O 2016 today.

One of the most requested features by Firebase developers is the ability to store images, videos and other large files. The new Firebase Storage is powered by Google Cloud Storage, giving it massive scalability and allowing stored files to be easily accessed by other projects running on Google Cloud Platform.

Firebase now uses the same underlying account system as GCP, which means you can use any GCP product with your Firebase app. For example, you can export raw analytics data from the new Firebase Analytics to Google BigQuery to help you surface advanced insights about your application and users.

Going forward, we’ll continue to build out integrations between Firebase and Google Cloud Platform, giving you the functionality of a full public cloud as you add to your mobile application portfolio.

To learn more about Firebase, visit our new site. For all the new features we’re announcing at Google I/O today, click on over to the Firebase blog. We’re working quickly to close gaps, and we’d love to hear your feedback so we can improve. You can help by requesting a feature.

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