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Doing DevOps in the cloud? Help us serve you better by taking this survey

June 11, 2018
Melody Meckfessel

VP of Engineering

Accelerate State of DevOps Report

Get a comprehensive view of the DevOps industry, providing actionable guidance for organizations of all sizes.


The promise of higher service availability, reduced costs, and faster delivery is driving organizations to adopt public cloud services at a rapid pace. This includes organizations in highly regulated domains like financial services, healthcare, and government. However, the benefits promised by a well-designed cloud platform cannot be achieved with poor implementations that simply move traditional data center operations to the cloud, with no other changes in practices or systems architecture.

But we can’t improve what we don’t understand, and to this end we’re working with DevOps Research (DORA) on a project to help us all level up. To get better as an industry, we have to understand the use of cloud services and the impact of these practices on our ability to deliver high-quality software with speed and stability. Many of us have seen this first-hand. To get involved in the project, please take our survey.

I love working with developers and operators because I’ve seen how DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices work across multiple industries. How changing tooling can change culture, and create an environment of respect, accountability, and truth-telling. In so many organizations, the migration to the cloud isn’t just about changing where a workload runs. It’s an attempt to change IT culture, and DevOps practices are at the center of that transformation.

And now, we’d like to hear from you: what’s important to you when it comes to implementing and managing cloud services? We’ve teamed with DORA to research the impact of DevOps practices on organizations. And we need your insights and expertise to help shape this work. (Also, by participating, you could win some great prizes from DevOps.)

In collaboration with DORA, this program will study development and delivery practices that help make cloud computing reliable, available, and secure. We’re asking for 20 minutes of your time so we can better understand which practices are most effective for delivering software on cloud infrastructure. Click here to take the survey.

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