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Cloud Source Repositories: now GA and free for up to five users and 50GB of storage

May 24, 2017
Chris Sells

Product Manager, Google Cloud

Developers creating applications for App Engine and Compute Engine have long had access to Cloud Source Repositories (CSR), our hosted Git version control system. We’ve taken your feedback to get it ready for the enterprise, and are excited to announce that it's leaving beta and is now generally available.

The new CSR includes a number of changes. First off, we’ve increased the supported repository size from 1GB to 50GB, which should give your team plenty of room for large projects.

Second, CSR has a new pricing model, complete with a robust free tier that should allow many of you to use it at no cost. Customers can use CSR associated with their billing accounts for free each month, provided that the repos meet the following criteria:

  • Up to five project-users accessing repositories
  • Source repos consume less than 50GB in storage
  • Access to repos uses less than 50GB of network egress bandwidth
Beyond that, pricing for CSR is $1/project-user/month (where a project-user represents each user working on each project) plus $0.10/GB/month for storage and $0.10/GB for network egress. Network ingress is offered at no cost and you can still create an unlimited number of repositories.

For further details, visit the Cloud Source Repositories pricing page.

Getting started with Cloud Source Repositories

To get started with CSR, go to https://console.cloud.google.com/code/ or choose Source Repositories from the Cloud Console menu:


Creating a CSR repo is as easy as pressing the "Get started" button in the Cloud Console and providing a name:


Or if you prefer, you can create a new repo from the gcloud command line tool, either from your local shell (make sure to execute “gcloud init” first) or from the Cloud Shell:


Once you’ve created your repo, browse it from the Source Repositories section of the Cloud Console or clone it to your local machine (making sure you’ve executed “gcloud init” first) or into the Cloud Shell:


Or, if you’re using Cloud Tools for IntelliJ (and soon our other IDE extensions), you can access your CSR repos directly from inside your favorite IDE:


As you’d expect, you can use standard git tooling to commit changes and otherwise manage your new repos. Or, if you’ve already got your source code hosted on GitHub or BitBucket, you can mirror your existing repo into your GCP project, like so


Once you’ve created your repos, manage them with the Repositories section in the Cloud Console:


If you prefer using command line tools, there’s a full set of CLI commands available:


You’ll also notice the reference to Permissions in the Cloud Console and IAM policies at the command line; that’s because IAM roles are fully-supported in CSR and can be applied at any level in the resource hierarchy.

And as if all of that weren’t enough, there’s a CSR management API as well, which is what we use ourselves to implement the gcloud CSR commands. If you’d like to get a feel for it, you can access the CSR API interactively in the Cloud API Explorer:

Full documentation for the CSR API is available for your programming pleasure.

Where are we?

Like our Cloud Shell and it’s new code editor, the new CSR represents a larger push toward web-based experience for GCP developers. We’re thrilled with the feedback we’ve already gotten and look forward to hearing how you’re using CSR in your developer workflow.

If you’ve got questions about Cloud Source Repositories, feel free to drop them onto StackOverflow. If you’ve got feedback or suggestions, feel free to join in the discussion on Google Groups or Slack.

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