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New ways to manage language settings using the Gmail API

Today we’re extending the Gmail API by bringing developers new ways to manage the language settings of consumer and G Suite users alike. If you currently have applications that configure Gmail accounts during migrations or initial on-boarding, this is a great way to ensure each account has the correct display language.

With these new language settings methods, it’s possible for apps to get and update a user’s Gmail display language all within one place—the Gmail API. You may have previously used the update language settings method in the Admin SDK’s Email Settings API to handle these types of changes, but that will soon no longer be available. These new methods are good replacements.

With this update, we’re also bringing you additional functionality, like the ability to:

  • Use these methods to manage the language settings of any user, including consumer ( users.
  • Get the current display language of a user. This is great for tailoring your application to the user’s language.

Note: If you need pointers on how to migrate from using the Email Settings API, specifically the update language settings method, here’s a here's a detailed migration guide to help you transition.

Getting started
To try out the new methods, check out the documentation. If you have any issues, you can also use the gmail-api tag on StackOverflow.