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Cloud Build named a Leader for Continuous Integration in the Forrester Wave

September 20, 2019
Christopher Sanson

Product Manager, Google Cloud

Nikhil Kaul

Head of Product Marketing

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Today, we are honored to share that Cloud Build, Google Cloud’s continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) platform, was named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Cloud-Native Continuous Integration Tools, Q3 2019. The report identifies the 10 CI providers that matter most for continuous integration (CI) and how they stack up on 27 criterias. Cloud Build received the highest score in both the current offering and strategy categories. 

“Google Cloud Build comes out swinging, matching up well with other cloud giants. Google Cloud Build is relatively new when compared to the other public cloud CI offerings; this vendor had a lot to prove, and it did…. Customer references are happy to trade the cost of paying for the operation and management of build servers for moving their operations to Google’s pay-per-compute system. One reference explained that it’s in the middle of a cloud shift and is currently executing up to 650 builds per day. With that proved out, this customer plans to move an additional 250 repositories to the cloud” - Forrester Wave™ report

Top score in the Current Offering category: Among all 10 CI providers evaluated in the Wave, Cloud Build got the highest score in the Current Offering category. The Current Offering score is based on Cloud Build’s strength in the developer experience, build speed and scale, enterprise security and compliance, and enterprise support, amongst other criteria.

Top score in the Strategy category: Along with top score in the current offering category, Cloud Build also received the highest score in the Strategy category. In particular, Cloud Build’s scores in the partner ecosystem, commercial model, enterprise strategy and vision, and product roadmap criteria contributed to the score. 

CI plays an increasingly important role in DevOps, allowing enterprises to drive quality from the start of their development cycle. The report mentions “that cloud-native CI is the secret development sauce that enterprises need to be fast, responsive, and ready to take on incumbents and would-be digital disruptors.”

At Google, we’ve seen first-hand how cloud-based serverless CI tool can help drive quality and security at scale, and the lessons we’ve learned in that process manifest directly in Cloud Build. 

Today, organizations of all sizes use Cloud Build to drive productivity improvements via automated, repeatable CI processes. Some customers include Zendesk, Shopify, Snap, Lyft, and Vendasta, who chose Cloud Build for its:

  • Fully serverless platform: Cloud Build scales up and scale down in response to load with no need to pre-provision servers or pay in advance for additional capacity. 

  • Flexibility: With custom build steps and pre-created extensions to third party apps, enterprises can easily tie their legacy or home-grown tools as a part of their build process.

  • Security and compliance features: Developers have an ability to perform deep security scans within the CI/CD pipeline and ensure only trusted container images are deployed to production. 

We’re thrilled by Forrester’s recognition for Cloud Build.
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