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Bare Metal Solution launches its second Sydney location

November 16, 2021
Kyle Meggs

Senior Product Manager

We’re excited to announce the launch of a second zone in Sydney for Bare Metal Solution (BMS) in order to bring BMS to our customers around the world. With state of the art hardware certified for enterprise applications, BMS is the best place to run your Oracle workloads with ultra-low latency to Google Cloud. When customers migrate their workloads to BMS, they are delighted by its simplicity, its similarities to a typical on-prem environment, and its ability to run standard Oracle technologies like Oracle RAC, Data Guard, and Recovery Manager (RMAN). Whether BMS is your long-term Oracle solution, or you consider BMS as a stepping stone to exit Oracle and modernize to a managed database, e.g. Cloud Spanner or Cloud SQL, we’re continuing to invest in BMS to meet you where you are today. Just in 2021, we’ve launched BMS in Iowa, Seoul, and Zurich, bringing our total global presence to 13 regions. 

In addition to new BMS regions, we also announced El Carro, our newly open-sourced Kubernetes operator to automate your Oracle deployments and ongoing management. We open-sourced El Carro to share our Kubernetes best-practices with the industry for wherever you’re running Oracle: on BMS, on-prem, or even in another cloud. We’re excited to continue contributing to the open source community and developing El Carro to make managing Oracle databases a breeze. 

In addition to adding a second zone in Sydney for BMS, Google Cloud also recently launched our second Australian cloud region in Melbourne. Here’s how Lendlease plans to leverage both the new cloud region in Melbourne and our new Sydney location for BMS: "The new cloud region in Melbourne helps us to achieve our objectives around operating at a global scale, including BMS for mission-critical services. It will also provide benefits around business continuity acting as DR for our portfolio." - Harvey Worton, Co-Group CIO, Lendlease

If BMS is your stepping stone to modernize from Oracle to a managed database service, then we hope you watched Google Cloud Next (you still can). During Next ‘21, we detailed how Google is making major investments and breakthroughs with our Cloud Databases. For example, our recent launch of a Spanner PostgreSQL interface has generated tremendous interest with our customers. This interface, along with recent granular instance sizing, has democratized Spanner, making it more accessible and cementing it as an unparalleled industry offering with 99.999% availability, starting at $65 per month, with a new PostgreSQL interface. Our other most popular Oracle BMS migration target, Cloud SQL, is blazing new trails with industry-leading observability for developers with Cloud SQL Insights. Cloud SQL Insights is available at no additional cost and provides a single interface with powerful tools for database monitoring through the lens of the application. 

In whichever way you want to use BMS, whether as a long term home for Oracle or as a means to modernize your applications at your own pace, Google Cloud is here  to help you on your journey so you can focus on your core business and take advantage of all that Cloud has to offer, rather than running hardware or managing a data center.

To learn more about BMS and how Google can help you in your journey to the cloud, please check out our 2021 Next session “Accelerating your move to the cloud with managed databases” (video, slides, whitepaper) or our BMS product page where you can contact sales.

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