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Chrome keeps getting better for Mac and iOS devices

October 19, 2022
Anuj Goyal

Chrome Browser Product Manager

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There’s no doubt that the way people work has changed - and it’s changed for the better. Now, companies must be ready to support their workforce no matter where they’re working or what type of device they’re working from – but hybrid work brings its own set of challenges. IT teams are being held responsible for ensuring their enterprise’s productivity, while also upholding device management and security best practices. 

Earlier this month, Chrome’s VP Parisa Tabriz was onstage for the keynote at JNUC, Jamf’s annual user conference and the world's largest Apple admin gathering. Jamf is a popular security and management tool for Mac, iOS, iPhone, Apple TV across businesses, education and healthcare sectors, and every year, IT and security pros responsible for Apple devices in their organizations attend this event to hear the latest and greatest about how to best manage and secure these platforms.

Parisa highlighted all of the ways businesses can use Chrome, Google Cloud and Jamf to support the next evolution of work. Here’s a recap of everything she covered:  

Why browser management is important 

Workforces are spending more time in the browser, so it's more important than ever for IT teams to introduce configurations and controls that they can manage centrally and across devices. One of the key ways to do this is through comprehensive management solutions.

We introduced Chrome Browser Cloud Management to help with just that. Chrome Browser Cloud Management is a cloud-first management tool that works across operating systems in the same console that companies manage ChromeOS. And good news - Chrome Browser Cloud Management now supports iOS.

Chrome Browser Cloud Management allows you to set policies with just a few clicks, get more visibility into your browsers and gives you reporting on extensions, versions and more. You can even force install or force block extensions and send remote commands directly from the console!  

For enterprises managing Mac and iOS, we offer zero touch enrollment with Jamf Pro so you can easily deploy and customize Chrome. You can deploy Chrome policies to your macOS, iOS and iPadOS devices directly from the Jamf Pro console, as well as the Google Admin Console. Here’s a quick demo video showing how this works: 

Video Thumbnail

Catch Chrome customer engineer Alex Bauer’s session on demand to learn more about how you can bring the benefits of Chrome Browser Cloud Management to your organization. 

Extending zero trust principles in your organization

Google is also collaborating with Jamf, a member of our BeyondCorp Alliance, to democratize zero trust. Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions consider internal and external networks to be inherently unsafe and therefore, untrusted. This has been Google’s approach to security for over a decade, and now can be brought into your organization with BeyondCorp Enterprise. By shifting access controls from the network perimeter to individual users and devices, the BeyondCorp approach enables secure work from virtually any location without the need for a traditional VPN. 

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Hear from Google and Jamf about the importance of zero trust, how to craft zero trust access policies leveraging device signal information, and how to implement it in your Apple environment in this JNUC session. You can also read more about Chrome’s approach to secure enterprise browsing, including how we support zero trust models, in our recent blog post

If you weren’t able to attend Jamf, “Making hybrid work, work with Google and Jamf” exec panel is another session you should catch up on. Google’s Parisa Tabriz and Amol Kabe, Senior Director of Google Cloud, joined Jamf CEO, Dean Hager, to cover how work has changed, how hybrid work presents a massive opportunity - and challenge - for organizations, and how you can use Jamf and Google to make your tech stack more equitable and accessible for your employees and customers. You can learn more about the Google team’s approach to collaboration equity (with an emphasis on hybrid work) in this blog post. 

To download Chrome through our DMG or PKG universal installers, click here. Register for JNUC to access these sessions, as well as other sessions on demand.

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