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How secure are your APIs? Apigee API security reporting can help

August 7, 2019
Prithpal Bhogill

Group Product Manager

Manoj Gunti

Product Marketing Manager, BigQuery

As APIs become the de facto standard for building and connecting business-critical applications, it’s important for operations teams to gain visibility into the security attributes of your APIs in order to continuously monitor and maintain the health of your API programs. As you scale your API-powered digital initiatives, it's important to have tools that help harness key signals from your data, which is why we’ve added a new API security reporting feature to our Apigee API management platform.

This new capability provides broader, in-depth insights for operations teams to adhere to policies and compliance requirements, protect APIs from internal and external abuse, and quickly identify and resolve security incidents. Now available in beta, we’ll roll out API security reporting in phases to all Apigee Edge enterprise cloud customers over the next few weeks. 

Apigee API security reporting provides several core capabilities. Here’s a closer look:

Security compliance
As an administrator, you can now ensure that every API across your organization adheres to your business’s security policies and compliance requirements. You can quickly review traffic, security and extension policy configurations, shared flow configurations and revisions across proxies. You can also monitor which virtual hosts and their respective ports receive HTTPS and non-HTTPS traffic.


Data protection
API security reporting helps you protect sensitive data by providing insights into user access and behavior, letting you monitor who in your organization is accessing and exporting sensitive information, and identify suspicious behavior by analyzing patterns.


Precision diagnosis
API security reporting also lets you precisely identify where in the API value chain a security incident occurred and quickly diagnose its root cause. This significantly reduces your MTTD (mean-time-to-detect), allowing you to spend more time on problem resolution than on diagnostics. It also helps you detect anomalies in traffic patterns and identify the apps causing them, distinguish secure traffic vs. insecure traffic, and identify which apps and targets are being affected.


Getting started
Now, more than ever, you need an easy way to monitor and maintain the security of your APIs. To learn more about best practices for securing APIs, download our latest eBook. If you're already an Apigee Edge cloud customer, check out our latest documentation to get started with API security reporting, where you'll find a complete feature overview, guided tutorials, FAQs, and more. And if you're not already an Apigee Edge customer, you can try it for free!

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