API Management

Apigee & Plantronics: Bringing Valuable Audio Communications Insights to Developers

Plantronics is renowned for creating high-quality audio communication devices. In recent years, we have been designing intelligence into these devices, together with our software solution that extracts this intelligence to produce valuable and actionable insights.

Plantronics Manager Pro enables customers to monitor, manage and maintain their headset environments, including key activities such as monitoring compliance regulations, tracking assets, deploying firmware updates, ensuring conversation quality, debugging problems remotely, identifying usage patterns, and monitoring acoustic events.


With the recent release of our new Open Data Access APIs, developers can now gain access to these valuable insights to create new and exciting applications that harness this data and integrate it into other business processes.

Built on the Apigee Edge API platform, the Open Data Access API developer portal enables Plantronics to leverage our unique data and reach new possibilities with the developer community. The Apigee platform gives Plantronics full access to API gateway capabilities, API, application, and developer analytics, and more.

Developers can obtain more information including technical support, access to a sandbox test environment and how to request their own Plantronics Manager Pro tenant here.

Tom Wesselman is senior director, UC systems architecture at Plantronics. His focus is connecting the capabilities of Plantronics products to the world around them. This starts with defining and building the data and services provided by Plantronics’ wearable technology, and then by working with partners and developers to integrate those capabilities into the applications people use. Prior to Plantronics, Wesselman held senior engineering roles at Cisco, where he led a variety of UC engineering programs including the development of the company’s first UC client.