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Powering Google Cloud with Gemini

April 9, 2024
Brad Calder

Vice President and GM, Google Cloud

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We are excited to share with you that Gemini for Google Cloud is here. Generative AI’s capabilities have grown tremendously over the last year, and we have infused it throughout our product portfolio.

Gemini for Google Cloud is a new generation of AI assistants for developers, Google Cloud services, and applications. These assist users in working and coding more effectively, gaining deeper data insights, navigating security challenges, and more. Using Google's Gemini family of models, Gemini for Google Cloud lets teams accomplish more in the cloud.

Gemini for Google Cloud offers enterprise-ready, AI capabilities that deliver robust security, compliance, and privacy controls, all with industry-leading availability.

Let’s take a detailed look at how we’re integrating Gemini into our Google Cloud offerings.


Accelerate software delivery with Gemini Code Assist

We are announcing Gemini Code Assist, the evolution of the Duet AI for Developers, which now uses our latest Gemini models. It offers AI-powered assistance to help developers build applications with higher velocity and quality in popular code editors like VS Code and JetBrains. Gemini Code Assist is an enterprise-grade coding assistance solution that supports your private codebase wherever it lives — on-premises, Gitlab, Github, Bitbucket, or even across multiple repositories. Built with robust enterprise features, it enables organizations to adopt AI assistance at scale while meeting security, privacy, and compliance requirements. 

"As Google Cloud’s Gemini Code Assist launch partners, we are excited to report that we have seen efficiency gains of over 30% through the adoption of LLM based code acceleration workflows. Gemini Code Assist's time-saving code completion and bug resolution features have allowed us to push the boundaries of innovation and productivity.” - Asif Hasan, Co-Founder, Quantiphi Inc.

At Next, we are introducing many exciting new features to Gemini Code Assist:

  • Full codebase awareness, currently in private preview, allows you to perform large-scale changes across your entire codebase, including adding new features, updating cross-file dependencies, helping with version upgrades, comprehensive code reviews, and more. This capability is powered by Google’s Gemini 1.5 Pro model, which offers a one-million-token context window, the largest in the industry.
  • Code customization, currently in private preview. Enterprises can connect their private codebases to tailor Gemini Code Assist to assist developers in providing context-aware code generation. In addition, we are providing connections for Gemini Code Assist to reach multiple source-code repositories including GitLab, GitHub and Bitbucket.

    “Code customization using RAG with Gemini Code Assist significantly increased the quality of Gemini's assistance for our developers in terms of code completion and generation. With code customization in place, we are expecting a big increase in the overall code-acceptance rate. ” Kai Du, Director of Engineering and Head of Generative AI, Turing

  • Integration Services: We are expanding the reach of Code Assist with Apigee and Application Integration to seamlessly access and connect your applications. 

  • Ecosystem enhancements: Following our ecosystem announcement last December, we are improving Gemini Code Assist with data and knowledge sources from multiple partners today including Datadog, Datastax, Elastic, HashiCorp, Neo4j, Pinecone, Redis, Singlestore, Snyk, and Stack Overflow.

    “This landmark, multi-dimensional AI-focused partnership, which includes Stack Overflow adopting the latest AI technology from Google Cloud, and Google Cloud integrating Stack Overflow knowledge into its AI tools, underscores our joint commitment to unleash developer creativity, unlock productivity without sacrificing accuracy, and deliver on socially responsible AI. By bringing together the strengths of our two companies, we can accelerate innovation across a variety of industries." - Prashanth Chandrasekar, CEO, Stack Overflow

Efficiently manage your application lifecycle with Gemini Cloud Assist

Gemini Cloud Assist helps cloud teams design, operate, and optimize their application lifecycle. Gemini’s contextual and personalized AI guidance understands your Google Cloud resources to help you craft new designs, deploy workloads, manage applications, troubleshoot issues, and optimize performance and costs. You can accelerate complex tasks and boost productivity to stay focused on your business. Gemini Cloud Assist offers the following capabilities: 

  • Goal-driven design: Describe your desired design outcome and Gemini Cloud Assist can generate architecture configurations tailored to your needs. It even explains the reasoning behind its suggestions.

  • Guided operations and troubleshooting: Gemini Cloud Assist diagnoses issues, pinpoints root causes, and recommends solutions, helping you quickly resolve your incidents. 

  • Tailored optimizations: Whether you prioritize cost savings, performance, or high availability, Gemini Cloud Assist identifies areas for enhancement and suggests how to achieve your goals.

Cloud Assist saves time with alert summarization, log explanation and contextual troubleshooting.

Gemini Cloud Assist is directly accessible through a chat interface in the Google Cloud console, and directly embedded into the interfaces where you manage different cloud products and resources. Gemini Cloud Assist is in private preview. 

“Gemini Cloud Assist is useful in optimizing our Google Cloud environment and helps troubleshoot issues that come up.” - Sai Dutta, Enterprise Architect, Ford Motor Company

Elevate security expertise with Gemini in Security

Last year, we became one of the first major cloud providers in the market to make gen AI generally available to defenders. We are now adding Gemini in Security Operations to Chronicle to elevate the skills of security teams and boost their productivity, allowing them to more easily detect, investigate, and respond to threats. A new assisted investigation feature, generally available at the end of this month, converts natural language to new detections, summarizes event data, recommends actions to take, and navigates users through the platform via conversational chat.


Gemini in Security Operations allows users to quickly investigate incidents and alerts using conversational chat in Chronicle

“Gemini in Security Operations is enabling us to enhance the efficiency of our Cybersecurity Operations Center program as we continue to drive operational excellence.” - Ronald Smalley, Senior Vice President of Cybersecurity Operations, Fiserv 

In addition, we are introducing new AI capabilities across our security portfolio:

  • Gemini in Threat Intelligence, in public preview, allows you to tap into Mandiant’s frontline threat intelligence using conversational search to get insights about threat actor behavior in seconds. It also helps users enhance the efficiency of their threat research by automating web crawling for relevant Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) articles, ingesting information and providing concise summaries to aid analysts.

  • Gemini in Security Command Center, in public preview, summarizes critical and high-priority alerts for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, and can provide recommendations on how to close potential exploits in simulated attack paths, helping organizations to proactively mitigate risk. 

Gemini in Security features are built on our SecLM API, which helps make Gemini more security-specific and extensible. 

With Gemini in Security, customers like Pfizer are performing complex analysis faster and helping new analysts on-board more quickly, freeing up time for seasoned analysts to pursue advanced threats. You can learn more about what’s new here and go deeper on Gemini in Security here

Accelerate analytics and workflows with Gemini in BigQuery

Today, we are also announcing that Gemini in BigQuery is in preview. Gemini in BigQuery changes the game for data engineers and data analysts by enabling them to be more productive, improve query performance and optimize costs throughout the analytics lifecycle, from ingestion and pipeline creation to deriving valuable insights with AI-powered capabilities.

Gemini in BigQuery comes with a new data canvas which provides a new notebook-like experience with natural language support and embedded visualizations.


Imagine you are a data analyst at a bikeshare company. You can use the new data canvas of Gemini in BigQuery to explore the datasets, identify the top trips and create a customized visualization, all using natural language prompts within the same interface

Gemini in BigQuery also includes AI augmented data preparation that assists users with cleansing and wrangling of data along with the ability to build low-code visual data pipelines. It also offers query recommendations, semantic search, low-code visual data pipeline development tools, and intelligent recommendations for query performance improvement, error minimization, and cost optimization. Users can also create SQL or Python code using natural language prompts and get real-time suggestions while composing queries.

"With the new AI-powered assistive features in BigQuery and ease integrating with other Google Workspace products, our teams can extract valuable insights from data. The natural language-based experiences, low-code data preparation tools, and automatic code generation features streamline high-priority analytics workflows, enhancing the productivity of data practitioners and providing the space to focus on high impact initiatives. Moreover, users with varying skill sets, including our business users, can leverage more accessible data insights to effect beneficial changes, fostering an inclusive data-driven culture within our organization." - Tim Velasquez, Head of Analytics, Veo

We have also built a seamless connection from BigQuery to Vertex AI to give you direct access to AI models in Vertex AI from BigQuery. This allows you to seamlessly combine AI models, classic ML operators, and statistical functions together in your data pipelines for multi-modal analysis. With this new capability, you can analyze documents, videos, images and audio recordings together with your structured data.

Automate insights with Gemini in Looker

Gemini in Looker provides users with new ways to engage and chat with their business data. Today we are introducing a new Conversational Analytics offering in private preview, which delivers multi-turn capabilities for you to ask questions of your data as simply as you would ask your business expert a question on chat. Conversational Analytics offers a dedicated space in Looker to initiate a chat on any topic with your data and derive insights in mere seconds, leading you to your next phase of discovery and analysis.


Imagine you’re an ecommerce provider. You can query Gemini in Looker to learn sales trends and immediately explore the insights, with details on how the charts were created.

In addition to Conversational Analytics, we are releasing new capabilities in public preview, all designed to accelerate your ability to create sharp visualizations and reports, connect them with Workspace, and share them with your team — all without writing code. 

Gemini in Looker is your always available intelligent assistant, ready to speed you from query to creation and search to sharing, and bring the benefits of BI to the vast majority of users within your organization. 

Supercharge database development and management with Gemini in Databases 

Gemini in Databases delivers AI-powered assistance that simplifies all aspects of the database journey, helping teams focus on what matters most. 

Developers, operators, and database administrators can now build applications faster using natural language; manage, optimize and govern an entire fleet of databases from a single pane of glass; and accelerate database migrations. Gemini in Databases is now in preview.

Gemini brings SQL generation and summarization capabilities to Database Studio, our rich SQL editor in the Google Cloud console. Developers can now get high-quality assistance to accelerate their coding process based on best practices. Moreover, they can engage with our AI-driven chat interface to clarify questions and get help wherever needed. 

Operators can also now manage an entire fleet of databases from a single pane of glass with Database Center. Database Center simplifies database fleet management through intelligent dashboards that proactively assess availability, data protection, security, and compliance issues, offering insights and tips. With smart recommendations, you can optimize performance and troubleshoot issues by simply letting the assistant do the analysis for you and following the advice provided.


For Gemini in Databases, ask Gemini “Are all my production databases highly available?” and see the affected databases within the Database Center

Gemini in Databases also assists with the last-mile of database migrations within our Database Migration Service, including code conversion. Additionally, to help upskill and retrain SQL developers, we've included explainability, which enables a side-by-side comparison of dialects, along with detailed explanations of the code and recommendations that were generated.

“With Gemini in Databases, we can get answers on fleet health in seconds and proactively mitigate potential risks to our applications more swiftly than ever before.” - Bogdan Capatina, Technical Expert in Database Technologies, Ford Motor Company

Gemini for Google Cloud is enterprise-ready from day one

We designed Gemini for Google Cloud specifically to handle the demanding needs of large-scale businesses. It integrates with your current systems, boosting efficiency immediately. We know data security and privacy are crucial for enterprises, which is why Gemini offers strong protection as a core feature. It helps you with:


Imagine what AI can do for you

With Gemini for Google Cloud, everyone from developers, to cloud operators, to security operators, to business analysts can harness the power of AI. The pace of AI innovation in the industry will continue to accelerate, and Google Cloud provides productive, responsible innovation that helps our customers generate value right now. Our customers are already seeing increases in productivity, faster times to market, reduced operating costs and an increased security posture. We are taking on the challenge of transforming businesses with AI, and this is just the beginning, with so much more to come.

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