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Announcing Anthropic’s Claude 3.5 Sonnet on Vertex AI, providing more choice for enterprises

June 20, 2024
Nenshad Bardoliwalla

Director, Product Management, Vertex AI

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Anthropic’s newly released model, Claude 3.5 Sonnet, is now generally available on Vertex AI. Claude 3.5 Sonnet outperforms Anthropic’s previous most intelligent model, Claude 3 Opus, on a wide range of Anthropic’s evaluations. With this release, enterprises will now have an even broader choice of high-performing and cost-effective models on Google Cloud. Customers can begin experimenting with or deploying in production Claude 3.5 Sonnet on Google Cloud.

Google Cloud offers an enterprise-grade platform for customers to build AI agents and applications, with an open and integrated technology stack, including models, application development tooling, and important capabilities such as grounding. Claude 3.5 Sonnet joins the Claude 3 model family on Vertex AI Model Garden, further extending Google Cloud’s open platform for AI and giving customers more tools to experiment, customize, and deploy AI applications tailored to their unique requirements.

Claude 3.5 Sonnet: more capabilities for customers across industries

In Anthropic’s evaluations, Claude 3.5 Sonnet set new benchmarks for reasoning, undergraduate-level knowledge, math, and coding. Paired with Google Cloud’s trusted infrastructure and AI platform, it can effectively power a range of applications for enterprises, including:

  • Coding: When provided with the relevant tools, Claude 3.5 Sonnet can independently write, edit, and execute code with sophisticated reasoning and troubleshooting capabilities to streamline developer workflows. For application builders, this can translate to rapid application prototyping, simplified code migration from legacy systems, and the ability to generate functional software from high-level specifications, accelerating time-to-market for app-builders.
  • Customer support: Handling intricate inquiries with nuanced context understanding, Claude 3.5 Sonnet can orchestrate multi-step workflows to help deliver exceptional customer experiences. This can enable round-the-clock customer support, faster response times, and improved satisfaction across industries.
  • Data science and analysis: By navigating unstructured data and leveraging tools such as internal data sources and APIs, Claude 3.5 Sonnet can generate high-quality statistical visualizations, actionable predictions, and valuable insights. In industries such as healthcare and education, this capability can enable expedited research summaries, empowering professionals to stay updated on the latest findings.
  • Visual processing: Claude 3.5 Sonnet can interpret complex charts, graphs, and illustrations that require visual understanding. This unlocks new possibilities in sectors like retail, logistics, and financial services, such as deriving insights from imperfect images.

Enterprise infrastructure, tooling, and security with Vertex AI

Enterprise-grade AI requires a comprehensive platform to train and tune models, build applications, manage data and security, implement high-quality prompt engineering and grounding techniques, and much more. Vertex AI delivers this via an end-to-end platform. Enterprises can harness the power of 150-plus curated models, including Google's Gemini models, Anthropic's Claude family of models, and Meta's Llama-2. With Vertex AI, customers can:

  • Build on scalable infrastructure to easily go from experimentation to deploying production-grade generative AI applications at speed.
  • Maximize performance while optimizing costs through Vertex AI’s scalable infrastructure offered with flexible pay-as-you-go pricing options.
  • Manage models and data responsibly with Vertex AI’s built-in data governance, privacy, and security controls.
  • Leverage robust enterprise tooling such as Auto SxS for model evaluation, LangChain integration for custom application building, and Colab Enterprise for iterative development.
  • Make the most of your business data by integrating enterprise data with Claude's advanced capabilities. Vertex AI’s integration with BigQuery lets customers combine Claude's intelligence with proprietary datasets, enabling powerful insights, productivity, and informed decision-making across the organization.

Why customers choose Claude on Vertex AI

Quora, the global knowledge-sharing platform, is leveraging Claude's capabilities on Vertex AI to help people get answers quickly through their AI-powered chatbot, Poe.

"Claude continues to delight our global users daily with its exceptional intelligence, versatility, and human-like conversational abilities, powering millions of daily interactions for everything from professional to creative purposes,” said Spencer Chan, Product Lead at Poe by Quora. “Leveraging Claude with Vertex AI’s enterprise-grade security and scalability helps us ensure that these interactions are both fast and reliable."

GitLab, a comprehensive DevSecOps platform trusted by over 50% of Fortune 100 companies, is excited to leverage the Claude model family on Vertex AI to enhance developer productivity through GitLab Duo Chat. GitLab Duo Chat is an AI-powered assistant that streamlines developer tasks like code generation, completion, refactoring, and explanation—all while prioritizing GitLab's commitment to security and privacy.

"At GitLab, we put security, privacy, and transparency at the center of the software development lifecycle," said Hillary Benson, Senior Director of Product Management at GitLab. "We've been extremely impressed with Claude's advanced reasoning capabilities. When combined with Vertex AI's enterprise-grade security, scalability, and robust development tooling, we can empower our customers with AI-driven features that accelerate the delivery of secure software.”

Build with Claude 3.5 Sonnet on Vertex AI

  1. Visit Vertex AI Model Garden and select “Browse Model Garden”. You can also find Claude 3.5 Sonnet on Google Cloud Marketplace.
  2. Navigate to the foundation models section.
  3. Select the Claude 3.5 Sonnet tile from the available models.
  4. Select “Enable” and follow the proceeding instructions.
  5. Use our sample notebook to start building.

Learn more about Anthropic's Claude models on Google Cloud by exploring the Claude on Vertex AI documentation.

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