This page describes pricing for Binary Authorization.

Pricing overview

The General Availability (GA) version of Binary Authorization is a feature of the Anthos platform. Use of Binary Authorization is included in the Anthos subscription. Please contact your sales representative to enroll in Anthos.

Binary Authorization uses Container Analysis to store metadata related to authorization of container image deployment. The Anthos subscription includes unlimited usage of Container Analysis and the Container Analysis API.

Binary Authorization free trial period

As part of the GA release, we are offering a 6-month free trial period starting on the GA release date of September 16, 2019 for new Binary Authorization customers. Binary Authorization also remains free for existing GKE customers during this time. The free trial period ends on March 16, 2020. Underlying charges for using the GKE infrastructure still apply.

Beta users

See the GA migration guide for additional considerations on using your Binary Authorization Beta setups with the GA version of this service.