VAT Overview

This page provides information on value-added tax (VAT) for Google Cloud Platform customers with billing addresses in the European Union (EU), Turkey, Bahrain, and Russia.

During Google Cloud Platform billing setup, you select your Account type: Business or Individual. Selecting Business means that you see a potential economic benefit from your development activities. For example, using Google Cloud Platform to develop prototypes or applications with a goal of generating revenue now or in the future. Most customers use Google Cloud Platform for business purposes.

Business accounts

  • Non-Irish customers—We won't add VAT charges to your account. You're responsible for determining taxes due at your country's local rate.
  • Irish customers—We'll be adding VAT to your charges.

Individual accounts in the EU, Turkey, and Bahrain

Your account is subject to standard VAT charges in the country where you’re located. We'll automatically add VAT to invoices for your Google Cloud Platform use. We reserve the right to change account type to Business if we find that you're using your account for business purposes.

Individual accounts in Russia

In Russia, Google Cloud Platform services can be used only for business purposes.

Changing your tax status

You can't change the tax status of your Google Cloud Platform billing account.

We can't give advice regarding VAT. For questions about VAT, consult your tax adviser or local tax authority.

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