Make a manual payment or pay early


This article describes how to make a manual payment to your automatically paid self-serve billing account. Self-service (online) accounts accrue charges and then are automatically paid based on the account's charging cycle.

You can make a manual payment to your automatically billed account at any time. The payment is applied to your accrued costs, and, if your payment is larger than the amount you currently owe, it will reduce your next automatic charge.

If your Cloud Billing account is set up as an invoiced account.

Why make a manual payment or pay earlier than your automatic charge?

You might choose to make a manual payment for these reasons:

  • You want more control over how and when you're charged. With a manual payment, you can pay the entire account balance, just a fraction of it, or more than your balance to cover future costs. If making a payment to cover future costs, to prevent an automatic payment, you must make a manual payment large enough to cover your anticipated usage.
  • You want to divide your payment among several payment methods. This can help delay when your primary form of payment is charged. Keep in mind: in rare cases, if you make a manual payment close to when an automatic payment is due, you might be charged twice.
  • Your credit or debit card was declined and you want your services to continue running. If your card is ever declined, you can make a manual payment to continue running your services while the declined payment issue is resolved. If you make a payment by bank transfer or direct debit, your account will start running again when we've received the payment (there is a possible delay of up to seven days while waiting to receive confirmation of payment from the bank).

    If you have already fixed an issue with your payment method, such as by adding a new payment method to your account, your balance is automatically deducted, and you don't need to make a manual payment. However, if you make a duplicate payment, the additional amount is used as credit for your next month of usage.

Permissions required to make a manual payment

To make a manual payment to an automatically paid, self-service Cloud Billing account, you need permissions on both your Cloud Billing account as well as on the Google payments profile that is linked to your billing account:

  • On your Cloud Billing account, you need to be assigned to one of the following Cloud Billing IAM roles:

    • Billing Account Administrator
    • Billing Account Viewer
  • On your linked Google payments profile, you must be added as a user with at least the Edit payments profile level of permissions.

For more information about billing and payments permissions, see:

Make a manual payment

To make a manual payment, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the Google Cloud Console.

    Sign in to Cloud Console

  2. Open the console Navigation menu (), and then select Billing.

    If you have more than one Cloud Billing account, do one of the following:

    • To manage Cloud Billing for the current project, select Go to linked billing account.
    • To locate a different Cloud Billing account, select Manage billing accounts, and then choose the account you want to manage.
  3. On the Billing Overview page, click the Payment Overview tab.
  4. To open the payment form, click the Pay early or Make a payment button.
  5. Select the payment method you want to use to make the payment, or add a new payment method. Use any payment method available in your location and currency. Check to see what's available to you.
  6. Enter the amount of the payment you want to make.
  7. Click Make a payment.