Overview of committed use discounts reports

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Committed use discounts (CUDs) are spend-based or resource-based discounts, depending on the Google Cloud service offering the discounts. When you purchase CUDs, you receive discounted prices in exchange for your commitment to use either a minimum level of resources or spend a minimum amount, for a specified term of one or three years. Upon purchase, you are billed a monthly fee for the duration of the term you selected, whether or not you use the services.


Analysis reports are available for your committed use discounts, depending on the type of commitment you purchase: spend-based or resource-based discounts.

Resource-based committed use discounts

Resource-based committed use discounts are available to purchase for Compute Engine.

For the resource-based CUDs report, see Analyze the effectiveness of your resource-based committed use discounts.

Spend-based committed use discounts

Spend-based committed use discounts are available for purchase for Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner, VMware Engine, Cloud Run, and Google Kubernetes Engine (Autopilot Mode).

For guidance on how to analyze your spend-based CUDs, see Analyze the effectiveness of your spend-based committed use discounts.