RetryInfo.Builder (Cloud Bigtable HBase Client for Java 0.9.3-SNAPSHOT API)

Class RetryInfo.Builder

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Message.Builder, MessageLite.Builder, MessageLiteOrBuilder, MessageOrBuilder, RetryInfoOrBuilder, Cloneable
    Enclosing class:

    public static final class RetryInfo.Builder
    extends GeneratedMessageV3.Builder<RetryInfo.Builder>
    implements RetryInfoOrBuilder
     Describes when the clients can retry a failed request. Clients could ignore
     the recommendation here or retry when this information is missing from error
     It's always recommended that clients should use exponential backoff when
     Clients should wait until `retry_delay` amount of time has passed since
     receiving the error response before retrying.  If retrying requests also
     fail, clients should use an exponential backoff scheme to gradually increase
     the delay between retries based on `retry_delay`, until either a maximum
     number of retires have been reached or a maximum retry delay cap has been
    Protobuf type google.rpc.RetryInfo

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