OperationsGrpc (Cloud Bigtable HBase Client for Java 0.9.3-SNAPSHOT API)


Class OperationsGrpc

  • @Generated(value="by gRPC proto compiler (version 1.0.0)",
               comments="Source: google/longrunning/operations.proto")
    public class OperationsGrpc
    extends Object
     Manages long-running operations with an API service.
     When an API method normally takes long time to complete, it can be designed
     to return [Operation][google.longrunning.Operation] to the client, and the client can use this
     interface to receive the real response asynchronously by polling the
     operation resource, or using `google.watcher.v1.Watcher` interface to watch
     the response, or pass the operation resource to another API (such as Google
     Cloud Pub/Sub API) to receive the response.  Any API service that returns
     long-running operations should implement the `Operations` interface so
     developers can have a consistent client experience.
    • Field Detail


        public static final io.grpc.MethodDescriptor<GetOperationRequest,Operation> METHOD_GET_OPERATION

        public static final io.grpc.MethodDescriptor<CancelOperationRequest,Empty> METHOD_CANCEL_OPERATION

        public static final io.grpc.MethodDescriptor<DeleteOperationRequest,Empty> METHOD_DELETE_OPERATION
    • Method Detail

      • newStub

        public static OperationsGrpc.OperationsStub newStub(io.grpc.Channel channel)
        Creates a new async stub that supports all call types for the service
      • newBlockingStub

        public static OperationsGrpc.OperationsBlockingStub newBlockingStub(io.grpc.Channel channel)
        Creates a new blocking-style stub that supports unary and streaming output calls on the service
      • newFutureStub

        public static OperationsGrpc.OperationsFutureStub newFutureStub(io.grpc.Channel channel)
        Creates a new ListenableFuture-style stub that supports unary and streaming output calls on the service
      • getServiceDescriptor

        public static io.grpc.ServiceDescriptor getServiceDescriptor()

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