BulkMutationWrapper (Cloud Bigtable HBase Client for Java 1.12.0 API)


Class BulkMutationWrapper

    • Constructor Detail

      • BulkMutationWrapper

        public BulkMutationWrapper(BulkMutation bulkMutation,
                                   com.google.cloud.bigtable.data.v2.internal.RequestContext requestContext)
    • Method Detail

      • add

        public com.google.api.core.ApiFuture<Void> add(com.google.cloud.bigtable.data.v2.models.RowMutation rowMutation)
        Adds a RowMutation to the underlying IBulkMutation mechanism.
        Specified by:
        add in interface IBulkMutation
        rowMutation - The RowMutation to add.
        a ApiFuture of type Void will be set when request is successful otherwise exception will be thrown.
      • sendUnsent

        public void sendUnsent()
        Sends any outstanding RowMutations, present in the current batch.
        Specified by:
        sendUnsent in interface IBulkMutation
      • isFlushed

        public boolean isFlushed()
        Specified by:
        isFlushed in interface IBulkMutation
        false if there is any outstanding RowMutation that still needs to be sent.

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