BigtableClusterName (Cloud Bigtable HBase Client for Java 1.12.0 API)

Class BigtableClusterName

  • public class BigtableClusterName
    extends Object
    This class encapsulates a cluster name of the form projects/(projectId)/instances/(instanceId)/clusters/(clusterId)
    • Constructor Detail

      • BigtableClusterName

        public BigtableClusterName(String clusterName)
    • Method Detail

      • getInstanceId

        public String getInstanceId()
        The id of the instance that contains this cluster. It's the second group in the Cluster name: "projects/{projectId}/instances/{instanceId}/clusters/{clusterId}".
      • getClusterName

        public String getClusterName()
        The name of this cluster. It will look like the following "projects/{projectId}/instances/{instanceId}/clusters/{clusterId}".
      • getClusterId

        public String getClusterId()
        The id of this cluster. It's the third group in the Cluster name: "projects/{projectId}/instances/{instanceId}/clusters/{clusterId}".
      • toSnapshotName

        public String toSnapshotName(String snapshotId)
        Create a fully qualified snapshot name based on the the clusterName and the snapshotId. Snapshot name will look like: "projects/{projectId}/instances/{instanceId}/clusters/{clusterId}/snapshots/{snapshotId}".
        snapshotId - The id of the snapshot
        A fully qualified snapshot name that contains the fully qualified cluster name as the parent and the snapshot name as the child.

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