SampleRowKeysResponseOrBuilder (Cloud Bigtable HBase Client for Java API)

Interface SampleRowKeysResponseOrBuilder

    • Method Detail

      • getRowKey

        ByteString getRowKey()
         Sorted streamed sequence of sample row keys in the table. The table might
         have contents before the first row key in the list and after the last one,
         but a key containing the empty string indicates "end of table" and will be
         the last response given, if present.
         Note that row keys in this list may not have ever been written to or read
         from, and users should therefore not make any assumptions about the row key
         structure that are specific to their use case.
        bytes row_key = 1;
      • getOffsetBytes

        long getOffsetBytes()
         Approximate total storage space used by all rows in the table which precede
         `row_key`. Buffering the contents of all rows between two subsequent
         samples would require space roughly equal to the difference in their
         `offset_bytes` fields.
        int64 offset_bytes = 2;

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