ReadRowsResponseOrBuilder (Cloud Bigtable HBase Client for Java API)

Interface ReadRowsResponseOrBuilder

    • Method Detail

      • getChunksCount

        int getChunksCount()
        repeated .google.bigtable.v2.ReadRowsResponse.CellChunk chunks = 1;
      • getLastScannedRowKey

        ByteString getLastScannedRowKey()
         Optionally the server might return the row key of the last row it
         has scanned.  The client can use this to construct a more
         efficient retry request if needed: any row keys or portions of
         ranges less than this row key can be dropped from the request.
         This is primarily useful for cases where the server has read a
         lot of data that was filtered out since the last committed row
         key, allowing the client to skip that work on a retry.
        bytes last_scanned_row_key = 2;

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