Cluster.State (Cloud Bigtable HBase Client for Java API)

Enum Cluster.State

    • Enum Constant Detail


        public static final Cluster.State STATE_NOT_KNOWN
         The state of the cluster could not be determined.
        STATE_NOT_KNOWN = 0;
      • READY

        public static final Cluster.State READY
         The cluster has been successfully created and is ready to serve requests.
        READY = 1;
      • CREATING

        public static final Cluster.State CREATING
         The cluster is currently being created, and may be destroyed
         if the creation process encounters an error.
         A cluster may not be able to serve requests while being created.
        CREATING = 2;
      • RESIZING

        public static final Cluster.State RESIZING
         The cluster is currently being resized, and may revert to its previous
         node count if the process encounters an error.
         A cluster is still capable of serving requests while being resized,
         but may exhibit performance as if its number of allocated nodes is
         between the starting and requested states.
        RESIZING = 3;
      • DISABLED

        public static final