BigtableInstanceAdminGrpc.BigtableInstanceAdminImplBase (Cloud Bigtable HBase Client for Java API)

Class BigtableInstanceAdminGrpc.BigtableInstanceAdminImplBase

  • java.lang.Object
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    public abstract static class BigtableInstanceAdminGrpc.BigtableInstanceAdminImplBase
    extends Object
    implements io.grpc.BindableService
     Service for creating, configuring, and deleting Cloud Bigtable Instances and
     Clusters. Provides access to the Instance and Cluster schemas only, not the
     tables' metadata or data stored in those tables.
    • Constructor Detail

      • BigtableInstanceAdminImplBase

        public BigtableInstanceAdminImplBase()
    • Method Detail

      • createInstance

        public void createInstance(CreateInstanceRequest request,
                                   io.grpc.stub.StreamObserver<> responseObserver)
         Create an instance within a project.
      • getInstance

        public void getInstance(GetInstanceRequest request,
                                io.grpc.stub.StreamObserver<Instance> responseObserver)
         Gets information about an instance.
      • updateInstance

        public void updateInstance(Instance request,
                                   io.grpc.stub.StreamObserver<Instance> responseObserver)
         Updates an instance within a project.
      • deleteInstance

        public void deleteInstance(DeleteInstanceRequest request,
                                   io.grpc.stub.StreamObserver<Empty> responseObserver)
         Delete an instance from a project.
      • createCluster

        public void createCluster(CreateClusterRequest request,
                                  io.grpc.stub.StreamObserver<> responseObserver)
         Creates a cluster within an instance.
      • getCluster

        public void getCluster(GetClusterRequest request,
                               io.grpc.stub.StreamObserver<Cluster> responseObserver)
         Gets information about a cluster.
      • updateCluster

        public void updateCluster(Cluster request,
                                  io.grpc.stub.StreamObserver<> responseObserver)
         Updates a cluster within an instance.
      • deleteCluster

        public void deleteCluster(DeleteClusterRequest request,
                                  io.grpc.stub.StreamObserver<Empty> responseObserver)
         Deletes a cluster from an instance.
      • bindService

        public final io.grpc.ServerServiceDefinition bindService()
        Specified by:
        bindService in interface io.grpc.BindableService

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