CloudBigtableOptions (Google Cloud Dataflow + Cloud Bigtable Connector API)

Interface CloudBigtableOptions

    • Method Detail

      • getBigtableProjectId

        String getBigtableProjectId()
      • setBigtableProjectId

        void setBigtableProjectId(String bigtableProjectId)
      • getBigtableInstanceId

        String getBigtableInstanceId()
      • setBigtableInstanceId

        void setBigtableInstanceId(String bigtableInstanceId)
      • getBigtableClusterId

        String getBigtableClusterId()
      • setBigtableClusterId

        void setBigtableClusterId(String bigtableClusterId)
      • getBigtableZoneId

        String getBigtableZoneId()
      • setBigtableZoneId

        void setBigtableZoneId(String bigtableZoneId)
      • getBigtableTableId

        String getBigtableTableId()
      • setBigtableTableId

        void setBigtableTableId(String bigtableTableId)

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