CloudBigtableIO.CloudBigtableMultiTableWriteFn (Google Cloud Dataflow + Cloud Bigtable Connector 0.3.0 API)

Class CloudBigtableIO.CloudBigtableMultiTableWriteFn

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    public static class CloudBigtableIO.CloudBigtableMultiTableWriteFn
    extends AbstractCloudBigtableTableDoFn<KV<String,Iterable<Mutation>>,Void>
    A DoFn that can write either a bounded or unbounded PCollection of KV of (String tableName, List of Mutations) to the specified table.

    NOTE: This DoFn will write Puts and Deletes, not Appends and Increments. This limitation exists because if the batch fails partway through, Appends/Increments might be re-run, causing the Mutation to be executed twice, which is never the user's intent. Re-running a Delete will not cause any differences. Re-running a Put isn't normally a problem, but might cause problems in some cases when the number of versions supported by the column family is greater than one. In a case where multiple versions could be a problem, it's best to add a timestamp to the Put.

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