CloudBigtableConfiguration (Apache Beam + Cloud Bigtable Connector 1.12.0 API)

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Class CloudBigtableConfiguration

    • Constructor Detail

      • CloudBigtableConfiguration

        protected CloudBigtableConfiguration(ValueProvider<String> projectId,
                                             ValueProvider<String> instanceId,
                                             Map<String,ValueProvider<String>> additionalConfiguration)
        Creates a CloudBigtableConfiguration using the specified project ID and instance ID.
        projectId - The project ID for the instance.
        instanceId - The instance ID.
        additionalConfiguration - A Map with additional connection configuration. See BigtableOptionsFactory.fromConfiguration(Configuration) for more information about configuration options.
    • Method Detail

      • getProjectId

        public String getProjectId()
        Gets the project ID for the Cloud Bigtable instance.
        The project ID for the instance.
      • getInstanceId

        public String getInstanceId()
        Gets the Cloud Bigtable instance id.
        The Cloud Bigtable instance id.
      • getAppProfileId

        public String getAppProfileId()
        Get the Cloud Bigtable App Profile id.
      • toBigtableOptions

        public toBigtableOptions()
                                                                                                          throws IOException
        Converts the CloudBigtableConfiguration to a BigtableOptions object.
        The BigtableOptions object.
      • toHBaseConfig

        public org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration toHBaseConfig()
        Converts the CloudBigtableConfiguration to an HBase Configuration.
        The Configuration.
      • getConfiguration

        protected<String,ValueProvider<String>> getConfiguration()
        Gets an immutable copy of the configuration map.
      • equals

        public boolean equals(Object obj)
        Compares this configuration with the specified object.
        equals in class Object
        obj - The object to compare this configuration against.
        true if the given object has the same configuration, false otherwise.
      • areParametersAccessible

        protected boolean areParametersAccessible()
        Checks if the parameters are accessible. Runtime parameters are not accessible at pipeline construction time.
      • getDisplayValue

        protected static <T> String getDisplayValue(ValueProvider<T> parameter)
        Type Parameters:
        T - parameter The runtime parameter.
        the String value of runtime parameter if the parameter is accessible, returns "Unavailable during pipeline construction" otherwise for debugging purpose.
      • checkNotNullOrEmpty

        protected static void checkNotNullOrEmpty(String value,
                                                  String name)
      • validate

        public void validate()