Extending the Power of Cloud Platform

Third-party developers have integrated BigQuery with some of the industry-leading tools for loading, transforming and visualizing data. Integrations are done with the open APIs provided by Google Cloud Storage and BigQuery.

Below is a selection of BigQuery third-party tools and services. For a full list, see Google Cloud Platform Partners.

Data Integration Partners

Alooma’s SaaS platform allows you to integrate, clean, enrich and stream data from any source to BigQuery in a matter of minutes. Alooma makes data accessible, valuable and actionable in real-time.

Fivetran is a cloud service that provides fully-automated data synchronization from other cloud applications such as Salesforce.com, databases such as MySQL, event tracking such as Snowplow.js, and CSV uploads into a user’s BigQuery data warehouse. With Fivetran’s unique zero-configuration approach, setting up all of your data integrations can be done in as little as 5 minutes.

Informatica Cloud Connector for BigQuery brings high performance/highly parallelized, scalable data integration technology to efficiently move very large volumes of data to Google Cloud and enables secure data transfer between 100+ Cloud-based and on-premise data sources.

SAP Data Services features a rich set of out-of-the-box transformations, with over 80 built-in functions including native text data processing, data masking, and data quality features that allows users to prepare only the relevant and trusted information before loading into BigQuery tables.

Segment is a platform for collecting customer data wherever it's generated — your website, mobile app, servers, and more — and sending it to more than 180 third-party tools, internal systems, or databases with the flip of a switch. With BigQuery and Segment, deploying an analytics database has never been easier. We handle the end-to-end data pipeline, so there’s nothing for you to build or maintain and no breaks in the process that leave your analysts hanging for days on end.

The SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform for BigQuery allows organizations to connect faster to data from a variety of sources, including cloud and on premise applications, Hadoop, NoSQL and relational databases in scheduled batches or real time in order to power modern business analytics.

Stitch is a simple, powerful ETL service built for developers. Stitch connects to all your data sources – from databases like MongoDB and MySQL, to SaaS tools like Salesforce and Zendesk – and replicates that data to your warehouse. With Stitch, developers can provision data to BigQuery in minutes, not weeks.

Striim is an end-to-end, enterprise-grade, streaming data integration and intelligence platform. With Striim, users can ingest and process data from virtually any source including enterprise databases, and push that data in real time into BigQuery.

Switchboard enables you to leverage BigQuery without hiring a team of data engineers. Built by former BigQuery devs, our ops platform combines real-time, impression-level data streams and automatically manages BigQuery for optimal cost and performance. You get alerts and daily health reports so you can be sure of your data’s integrity at all times.

Talend supports BigQuery in Talend Enterprise for Big Data, Real-Time Big Data and Data Fabric Platforms. By leveraging Talend, the leading open source big data integration solution, organizations can seamlessly combine the power of Talend with BigQuery’s real-time analytics, democratizing big data and bringing its power to all businesses via the cloud.

Treasure Data provides a fully managed cloud service that connects and stores data from 300+ data sources and makes it available for analysis in real time. Through Treasure Data's integration with BigQuery, organizations can have a scaleable, fully managed analytics infrastructure up and running in a matter of weeks, if not days.

Xplenty is an ETL cloud service that allows users to easily integrate and process data. Extract, transform and load data to and from a variety of data stores, such as Google BigQuery, Google Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Storage, MongoDB, and more.

BI/Analytics Partners

BIME offers a native, cloud-to-cloud connection to BigQuery allowing non technical users to transform their data into slick visuals and stunning dashboards directly from their browser, or mobile device. No hardware required, no steep learning curve, BIME is accessible and affordable.

Use Chartio's intuitive interface to dig deep into your BigQuery data. Simple to set up & easy to use, Chartio is a powerful business intelligence solution designed for anyone to easily query & analyze data from any data source - all in one place. With BigQuery and Chartio you can analyze massive datasets in the cloud without the time-consuming and expensive infrastructure that big data projects require.

CoolaData is a unified behavioral analytics platform providing actionable insights for online companies. It offers the ease and fast onboarding of an out-of-the box solution, combined with the scale, analytic power, flexibility, and openness traditionally achieved by self-development.

With its native integration with BigQuery, iCharts for Google Cloud Platform offers cloud-based, enterprise-grade visual analytics to Fortune 1000 companies, allowing them to harness the power of BQ while serving business users across the enterprise at scale. iCharts's native integration offers a semantic layer that serves the needs of there enterprise while giving business users self-service tools to slice and dice very large datasets in BQ directly from the iCharts interface via simple drag-and-drop functionality.

The Looker analytics platform integration for BigQuery gives customers a business intelligence environment where they can control access, build dashboards or create alerts, and explore granular, live data directly in BigQuery.

Lytics enriches, merges cross channel identities, and exports all your user data to BigQuery allowing a complete view of your users and real-time insights across multiple channels and devices.

Metabase is a free, open source business intelligence tool that can be installed in 5 minutes and provides dashboards, nightly emails and reports from your data in BigQuery. It has a GUI query interface for non-analysts as well as direct SQL or GQL access for analysts.

Mode is a collaborative analytics platform built by analysts, for analysts. Mode's flexible tools are designed to help analysts and their business partners unlock the value in data. Go from signup to SQL query to sharing answers in under 90 seconds.

MicroStrategy is a leading worldwide provider of enterprise software platforms. With direct operations in 27 countries worldwide, our mission is to provide the most flexible, powerful, scalable, and user-friendly platforms for analytics, mobile, identity, and loyalty offered either on premises or in the cloud.

OWOX provides a Google Sheets Add-on that allows users to create reports and charts based on data from BigQuery within Google Sheets. Non-technical users can run preset queries and use dynamic parameters.

QlikView provides a custom connector which pulls data into their in-memory data model for analysis. They also have an extension object for their platform which allows developers to directly query BigQuery based on data selections made by business users.

re:dash is an open source web application for data collaboration. The re:dash integration with BigQuery enables you to easily share queries with results, visualize them, and create dashboards.

Tableau has a native, optimized connector to Google BigQuery that supports both live data and in-memory analytics. Users can analyze massive amounts of data using an easy-to-use, visual interface that lets business users get answers fast.

Yellowfin is a global leader in business intelligence. Yellowfin's BI solution provides rich dashboarding, reporting, collaboration, and data analysis. Yellowfin's easy-to-use BI platform has the highest user adoption with the BI industry.

Zoomdata delivers the fastest visual analytics for big data. Included in Zoomdata is a BigQuery Smart Connector that has been optimized to deliver query results against billions of rows of data in a matter of seconds. For business users, Zoomdata offers an interactive experience that supports a DataDVR, DataFusion and beautiful visualizations.

System Integration and Consulting Partners

With more than 13,000 Insights & Data experts globally, Capgemini has deep knowledge in the Insights & Data space, including Google BigQuery. Capgemini has implemented Google BigQuery at a well-known consumer products multi-national brand and is continuously exploring new ways to bring innovation to its customers leveraging Google Cloud products.

Cloud Technology Partner (CTP) is the premier cloud services and software company for enterprises moving to Google and other leading cloud platforms. From strategy to operations, CTP accelerates end-to-end cloud adoption with the best implementation services, software and intellectual property available on the market.

Pythian is a global leader in data consulting and managed services. Since 1997, we have specialized in planning, deploying, and managing business-critical data systems for large and mid-market enterprises. From staff augmentation to full enterprise data management, our small, dedicated teams of highly trained and experienced data experts help companies increase responsiveness, services levels, and innovation to deliver advanced, secure data capabilities. We combine the world’s top data talent with mature methodologies and flexible, month-to-month contracts to ensure our clients receive a level of service that cannot be found anywhere else.

SADA Systems is a Premier Enterprise Reseller specializing in Google Enterprise solutions, including Google Cloud Platform. SADA’s expert development services around Google App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud Storage and BigQuery can help you better build, manage and scale your organization.

Tectonic helps you understand how to best leverage BigQuery's massive parallelism and columnar orientation, and how to maintain the optimal balance of technologies and techniques to achieve your business outcomes, as part of your overall analytics strategy.

Trace3 provides cloud, big data, IoT consulting and data center solutions to US based companies. We specialize in analyzing a business' technology environment, identifying and designing the right information technologies to improve those environments.

Connectors & Developer Tools

CData Software provides standards-based Drivers and Adapters for integration with BigQuery and other Google Cloud Platform services.

By using the Fluentd plugin for BigQuery, you can directly load logs into BigQuery in near-real-time.

Simba provides a BigQuery ODBC driver that enables SQL access to BigQuery.