Controlling access to views

You cannot assign access controls directly to tables or views. The lowest level of BigQuery resources to which you are able to grant access is the dataset level. To configure access to tables and views, you grant a Cloud IAM role to an entity at the dataset level or higher.

Granting a role at the dataset-level specifies the operations an entity is allowed to perform on tables and views in that specific dataset. For information on configuring dataset-level access controls, see Controlling access to datasets.

You can also grant Cloud IAM roles at a higher level in the Google Cloud Platform resource hierarchy such as the project, folder, or organization level. Granting roles at a higher level gives the entity access to a broader set of resources. For example, granting a role to an entity at the project level gives that entity permissions that apply to all datasets throughout the project. For more information on granting access to resources, see Granting, changing, and revoking access to resources in the Cloud IAM documentation.

You can also create Cloud IAM custom roles. If you create a custom role, the permissions you grant depend on the specific operations you want the entity to be able to perform.

For more information on roles and permissions, see:

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