Query Cloud Storage with a temporary table

Query data from a file on Cloud Storage by creating a temporary table.

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Before trying this sample, follow the Java setup instructions in the BigQuery quickstart using client libraries. For more information, see the BigQuery Java API reference documentation.

import com.google.cloud.bigquery.BigQuery;
import com.google.cloud.bigquery.BigQueryException;
import com.google.cloud.bigquery.BigQueryOptions;
import com.google.cloud.bigquery.CsvOptions;
import com.google.cloud.bigquery.ExternalTableDefinition;
import com.google.cloud.bigquery.Field;
import com.google.cloud.bigquery.QueryJobConfiguration;
import com.google.cloud.bigquery.Schema;
import com.google.cloud.bigquery.StandardSQLTypeName;
import com.google.cloud.bigquery.TableResult;

// Sample to queries an external data source using a temporary table
public class QueryExternalGcsTemp {

  public static void main(String[] args) {
    // TODO(developer): Replace these variables before running the sample.
    String tableName = "MY_TABLE_NAME";
    String sourceUri = "gs://cloud-samples-data/bigquery/us-states/us-states.csv";
    Schema schema =
            Field.of("name", StandardSQLTypeName.STRING),
            Field.of("post_abbr", StandardSQLTypeName.STRING));
    String query = String.format("SELECT * FROM %s WHERE name LIKE 'W%%'", tableName);
    queryExternalGcsTemp(tableName, sourceUri, schema, query);

  public static void queryExternalGcsTemp(
      String tableName, String sourceUri, Schema schema, String query) {
    try {
      // Initialize client that will be used to send requests. This client only needs to be created
      // once, and can be reused for multiple requests.
      BigQuery bigquery = BigQueryOptions.getDefaultInstance().getService();

      // Skip header row in the file.
      CsvOptions csvOptions = CsvOptions.newBuilder().setSkipLeadingRows(1).build();

      // Configure the external data source and query job.
      ExternalTableDefinition externalTable =
          ExternalTableDefinition.newBuilder(sourceUri, csvOptions).setSchema(schema).build();
      QueryJobConfiguration queryConfig =
              .addTableDefinition(tableName, externalTable)

      // Example query to find states starting with 'W'
      TableResult results = bigquery.query(queryConfig);

          .forEach(row -> row.forEach(val -> System.out.printf("%s,", val.toString())));

      System.out.println("Query on external temporary table performed successfully.");
    } catch (BigQueryException | InterruptedException e) {
      System.out.println("Query not performed \n" + e.toString());


Before trying this sample, follow the Python setup instructions in the BigQuery quickstart using client libraries. For more information, see the BigQuery Python API reference documentation.

from google.cloud import bigquery

# Construct a BigQuery client object.
client = bigquery.Client()

# Configure the external data source and query job.
external_config = bigquery.ExternalConfig("CSV")
external_config.source_uris = [
external_config.schema = [
    bigquery.SchemaField("name", "STRING"),
    bigquery.SchemaField("post_abbr", "STRING"),
external_config.options.skip_leading_rows = 1
table_id = "us_states"
job_config = bigquery.QueryJobConfig(table_definitions={table_id: external_config})

# Example query to find states starting with 'W'.
sql = 'SELECT * FROM `{}` WHERE name LIKE "W%"'.format(table_id)

query_job = client.query(sql, job_config=job_config)  # Make an API request.

w_states = list(query_job)  # Wait for the job to complete.
print("There are {} states with names starting with W.".format(len(w_states)))

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