Introduction to interacting with BigQuery

There are three main ways you interact with BigQuery:

To perform these interactions, you can use the following:

Loading and exporting data

In most cases, you load data into BigQuery storage. If you want to get the data back out of BigQuery, you can export the data.

Alternatively, you can set up a table as an external data source, which allows you to query data stored outside of BigQuery.

Querying and viewing data

After you load your data into BigQuery, you can query or view the data in your tables. For example, you can perform the following tasks:

Managing data

In addition to querying and viewing data, you can manage data in BigQuery in the following ways:

  • Listing projects, jobs, datasets, and tables
  • Getting information about jobs, datasets, and tables
  • Defining, updating, or patching datasets and tables
  • Deleting datasets and tables
  • Managing table partitions

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