Introduction to BigQuery INFORMATION_SCHEMA

INFORMATION_SCHEMA is a series of views that provide access to:


For projects that use on-demand pricing, queries against INFORMATION_SCHEMA views incur a minimum of 10 MB of data processing charges, even if the bytes processed by the query are less than 10 MB. 10 MB is the minimum billing amount for on-demand queries. For more information, see On-demand pricing.

For projects that use flat-rate pricing, queries against INFORMATION_SCHEMA views and tables consume your purchased BigQuery slots. For more information, see Flat-rate pricing.

Because INFORMATION_SCHEMA queries are not cached, you are charged each time you run an INFORMATION_SCHEMA query, even if the query text is the same each time you run it.

You are not charged storage fees for the INFORMATION_SCHEMA views.


With the exception of SCHEMATA, SCHEMATA_OPTIONS and JOBS_BY_*, INFORMATION_SCHEMA views must have a dataset specifier.

-- Returns metadata for tables in a single dataset.

To get metadata from a different project, prepend the project ID to the view.



BigQuery INFORMATION_SCHEMA is subject to the following limitations:

  • BigQuery INFORMATION_SCHEMA queries must be in standard SQL syntax. INFORMATION_SCHEMA does not support legacy SQL.
  • INFORMATION_SCHEMA query results are not cached.
  • Currently, INFORMATION_SCHEMA cannot be used to retrieve metadata on partitions in partitioned tables.
  • Currently, INFORMATION_SCHEMA views cannot be used in DDL statements.