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Streamline your path to data warehouse modernization with BigQuery.

Modernizing traditional data warehouses is more critical now than ever

Traditional data warehouses are not designed to handle the explosive growth in data, run advanced analytics, or scale quickly and cost-effectively. As a modern data warehouse solution, BigQuery addresses your current analytics demands, while scaling as your data needs grow. To jumpstart your journey to data warehouse modernization, Google Cloud provides a migration offer, easy-to-use tools, and Google Cloud partners that can help you manage your end-to-end migration process.

Data warehouse modernization and Google Cloud

Why modernize a data warehouse with BigQuery?

lower costs

Lower costs by up to 52%

According to ESG, enterprises that modernize and migrate their traditional data warehouses to BigQuery can reduce their overall three-year total cost of ownership by 52% compared to on-premises solutions. By consolidating their data and streamlining analysis with BigQuery, HSBC simplified their UK data warehouse environment.

accelerate time to value

Accelerate time to value

BigQuery fast-tracks your data warehouse modernization so you can migrate in a matter of months without compromising performance. Enterprise customers like Home Depot streamlined their migration to BigQuery and were able to reduce eight-hour workloads to just five minutes.

Get started with the data warehouse migration offer

  • Get hands-on planning support

    Receive expert advice, examples, and proof-of-concept funding support from Google Cloud engineers and partners.
  • Receive training

    Deepen your understanding of BigQuery and related GCP services through training from Qwiklabs, Coursera, or Google-provided classroom courses at no additional cost.
  • Get architecture advisory support

    Google Cloud engineers offer architecture advisory and design guidance with personalized deep-dive workshops at no additional cost.
  • Migrate with confidence

    Qualified customers may also be eligible to receive partner funding support to offset the migration and BigQuery implementation costs.

Data warehouse migration partners

Choose your preferred BigQuery System Integrators and Technology partners to get started on your migration.

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