BigQuery is a serverless, highly-scalable, and cost-effective cloud data warehouse with an in-memory BI Engine and AI Platform built in.

BigQuery, Google's serverless, highly scalable enterprise data warehouse, is designed to make data analysts more productive with unmatched price-performance. Because there is no infrastructure to manage, you can focus on uncovering meaningful insights using familiar SQL without the need for a database administrator.

Analyze all your batch and streaming data by creating a logical data warehouse over managed columnar storage, as well as data from object storage and spreadsheets. Create blazing-fast dashboards and reports with the in-memory BI Engine. Build and operationalize machine learning solutions or carry out geospatial analysis using simple SQL. Securely share insights within your organization and beyond as datasets, queries, spreadsheets, and reports. BigQuery’s powerful streaming ingestion captures and analyzes data in real time, ensuring insights are always current. Plus, you can analyze up to 1 TB of data and store 10 GB of data for free each month.

Focus on the analytics, not your infrastructure

Getup running fast

Get up and running fast

Set up your data warehouse in seconds and start to query data immediately. BigQuery runs blazing-fast SQL queries on gigabytes to petabytes of data and makes it easy to join public or commercial datasets with your data. Train an ML model in minutes or drive geospatial analysis with plain SQL. Ingest streaming data and visualize insights. Eliminate the time-consuming work of provisioning resources and reduce your downtime with a serverless infrastructure that handles all ongoing maintenance, including patches and upgrades. BigQuery uses familiar ANSI-compliant SQL and provides ODBC and JDBC drivers to make integration with your data fast and easy.

Scale seamlessly

Scale seamlessly

BigQuery separates storage and compute to enable elastic scaling that streamlines capacity planning for data warehouses. BigQuery meets the challenges of real-time analytics by leveraging Google’s serverless infrastructure that uses automatic scaling and high-performance streaming ingestion to load data. BigQuery’s managed columnar storage, massively parallel execution, and automatic performance optimizations empower users to quickly and simultaneously analyze data from your cloud data lake regardless of the number of users or data size.

Accelerate your insights with powerful analysis

Accelerate your insights with powerful analysis

Gain a full view of all your data with seamless queries of data stored in BigQuery’s managed columnar storage, Cloud Storage, Cloud Bigtable, Sheets, and Drive. BigQuery integrates with existing ETL tools like Informatica and Talend to enrich your data with DTS. BigQuery supports popular BI tools like Tableau, MicroStrategy, Looker, and Data Studio out of the box, so anyone can easily create stunning reports and dashboards. Automatically ingest and visualize Google Ads and marketing data using BigQuery Data Transfer Service to set up a high-powered marketing data warehouse in just a few clicks. Through BigQuery Data Transfer Service, users also gain access to data connectors that help you easily transfer data from Teradata and Amazon S3 to BigQuery.

Protect your business data

Protect your business data and investments

BigQuery makes it easy to maintain a strong security and governance foundation. Eliminate data operation burdens with automatic data replication for disaster recovery and high availability of processing for no additional charge. BigQuery offers a 99.9% SLA subject to terms here and adheres to the Privacy Shield Principles.

Control costs

Control costs and reduce TCO

Only pay for the storage and compute resources you use, thanks to BigQuery’s serverless architecture. BigQuery’s separation of storage and compute makes it easy to scale independently and endlessly on demand, resulting in low-cost, economical storage. BigQuery can lower the total cost of ownership by 56%–88%.

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Serverless With serverless data warehousing, Google does all resource provisioning behind the scenes, so you can focus on data and analysis rather than worrying about upgrading, securing, or managing the infrastructure.
Real-time analytics BigQuery’s high-speed streaming insertion API provides a powerful foundation for real-time analytics, making your latest business data immediately available for analysis.
Automatic high availability BigQuery transparently and automatically provides highly durable, replicated storage in multiple locations and high availability with no extra charge and no additional setup.
Standard SQL BigQuery supports a standard SQL dialect which is ANSI:2011 compliant, which thereby reduces the need for code rewrites. BigQuery also provides ODBC and JDBC drivers at no cost to ensure your current applications can interact with its powerful engine.
Federated query and logical data warehousing Through powerful federated query, BigQuery can process external data sources in object storage (Cloud Storage), transactional databases (Cloud Bigtable), or spreadsheets in Drive — all without duplicating data.
Storage and compute separation With BigQuery’s separated storage and compute, you have the option to choose the storage and processing solutions that make sense for your business and control access and costs for each.
Automatic backup and easy restore BigQuery automatically replicates data and keeps a seven-day history of changes, allowing you to easily restore and compare data from different times.
Geospatial data types and functions BigQuery GIS brings SQL support for arbitrary points, lines, polygons, and multi-polygons in WKT and GeoJSON format. You can simplify your geospatial analyses, see your location-based data in new ways, or unlock entirely new lines of business.
Data transfer service The BigQuery Data Transfer Service automatically transfers data from external data sources, like Google Marketing Platform, Google Ads, YouTube, and partner SaaS applications to BigQuery on a scheduled and fully managed basis. Users can also easily transfer data from Teradata and Amazon S3 to BigQuery.
Big data ecosystem integration With Cloud Dataproc and Cloud Dataflow, BigQuery provides integration with the Apache Big Data ecosystem, allowing existing Hadoop/Spark and Beam workloads to read or write data directly from BigQuery.
Petabyte scale Get great performance on your data, while knowing you can scale seamlessly to store and analyze petabytes more without having to buy more capacity.
Flexible pricing models On-demand pricing lets you pay only for the storage and compute that you use. Flat-rate pricing enables high-volume users or enterprises to choose a stable monthly cost. For more information, see BigQuery pricing or cost controls.
Data governance and security BigQuery makes it easy to maintain strong security with fine-grained identity and access management with Cloud Identity and Access Management, and your data is always encrypted at rest and in transit.
Geoexpansion BigQuery gives you the option of geographic data control (in US, Asia, and European locations), without the headaches of setting up and managing clusters and other computing resources in region.
Foundation for AI Besides bringing ML to your data with BigQuery ML, integrations with AI Platform and TensorFlow enable you to train powerful models on structured data in minutes with just SQL.
Foundation for BI BigQuery forms the data warehousing backbone for modern BI solutions and enables seamless data integration, transformation, analysis, visualization, and reporting with tools from Google and our technology partners.
Flexible data ingestion Load your data from Cloud Storage or stream it into BigQuery at thousands of rows per second to enable real-time analysis of your data. Use familiar data integration tools like Informatica, Talend, and others out of the box.
Programmatic interaction BigQuery provides a REST API for easy programmatic access and application integration. Client libraries are available in Java, Python, Node.js, C#, Go, Ruby, and PHP. Business users can use Google Apps Script to access BigQuery from Sheets.
Rich monitoring and logging with Stackdriver BigQuery provides rich monitoring, logging, and alerting through Stackdriver Audit Logs and it can serve as a repository for logs from any application or service using Stackdriver Logging.

Key Features

BigQuery ML GIF

BigQuery ML

BigQuery ML enables data scientists and data analysts to build and operationalize ML models on planet-scale structured or semi-structured data, directly inside BigQuery, using simple SQL — in a fraction of the time.

  • Build, test, and operationalize custom machine learning models using familiar SQL language
  • Create machine learning models in minutes directly inside BigQuery without extensive data sampling or moving data out of the data warehouse
  • Drive product recommendations, segmentations, and predictions at petabyte scale and at a fraction of the cost
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Data warehousing solution architecture

Data Warehousing Solution Architecture

BigQuery solutions and use cases


BigQuery charges for data storage, streaming inserts, and for querying data, but loading and exporting data are free of charge. For detailed pricing information, please view the pricing guide.

$0.02 per GB, per month
$0.01 per GB, per month for long-term storage
Streaming Inserts $0.01 per 200 MB
Loading, Copying, or Exporting Data; Metadata Operations Free

If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.

When querying data, you can choose from two different pricing options:

$5 per TB
First terabyte (1 TB) per month is free*
Flat-rate pricing
Starting at $10,000/month for a dedicated reservation of 500 slots.
For more information, see flat-rate pricing.

See additional details for BigQuery ML pricing.

If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.

* The first 1 TB of data processed with BigQuery each month is free.

Note: BigQuery’s quota policy applies for these operations.


BigQuery unlocks the full potential of data warehousing in the cloud for a broad array of tools and partners. From data integration to analytics, Google Cloud partners have integrated their industry-leading tools with BigQuery for loading, transforming, and visualizing data. Seamlessly access and query across SaaS application data with Google and partner data connectors. Easily transfer data from Teradata and Amazon S3 to BigQuery. Customers can thus leverage BigQuery’s agility, performance, and ease of use to deliver faster, more powerful insights.

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