Serverless, highly scalable, and cost-effective multi-cloud data warehouse designed for business agility.

New customers get $300 in free credits to spend on Google Cloud during the first 90 days. All customers get 10 GB storage and up to 1 TB queries/month, completely free of charge.

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    Analyze petabytes of data using ANSI SQL at blazing-fast speeds, with zero operational overhead

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    Run analytics at scale with 26%–34% lower three-year TCO than cloud data warehouse alternatives

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    Democratize insights with a trusted and more secure platform that scales with your needs

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    Gain insights from data across clouds with a flexible, multi-cloud analytics solution


Gain insights with real-time and predictive analytics

Query streaming data in real time and get up-to-date information on all your business processes. Predict business outcomes easily with built-in machine learning and without the need to move data.

Access data and share insights with ease

Securely access and share analytical insights in your organization with a few clicks. Easily create stunning reports and dashboards using popular business intelligence tools, out of the box.

Protect your data and operate with trust

Rely on BigQuery’s robust security, governance, and reliability controls that offer high availability and a 99.99% uptime SLA. Protect your data with encryption by default and customer-managed encryption keys.

Key features

Key features

BigQuery ML

BigQuery ML enables data scientists and data analysts to build and operationalize ML models on planet-scale structured or semi-structured data, directly inside BigQuery, using simple SQL—in a fraction of the time. Export BigQuery ML models for online prediction into Cloud AI Platform or your own serving layer. Learn more about the models we currently support.

BigQuery GIS

BigQuery GIS uniquely combines the serverless architecture of BigQuery with native support for geospatial analysis, so you can augment your analytics workflows with location intelligence. Simplify your analyses, see spatial data in fresh ways, and unlock entirely new lines of business with support for arbitrary points, lines, polygons, and multi-polygons in common geospatial data formats.

BigQuery BI Engine

BigQuery BI Engine is a blazing-fast in-memory analysis service for BigQuery that allows users to analyze large and complex datasets interactively with sub-second query response time and high concurrency. BigQuery BI Engine seamlessly integrates with familiar tools like Data Studio and will help accelerate data exploration and analysis for Looker, Sheets, and our BI partners in the coming months.

Connected Sheets

Connected Sheets allows users to analyze billions of rows of live BigQuery data in Google Sheets without requiring SQL knowledge. Users can apply familiar tools—like pivot tables, charts, and formulas—to easily derive insights from big data. Learn more about Connected Sheets and how to get started here.

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Quickstart using the web UI

Learn how to use the BigQuery web UI in the Google Cloud Console as a visual interface to complete tasks like running queries, loading data, and exporting data.

Quickstart using the BigQuery command-line tool

Learn how to use the BigQuery command-line tool to run queries, load data, and export data.

Quickstart using client libraries

Learn how to use the BigQuery API in your favorite programming language using the Google Cloud client libraries.

Creating and using tables

Learn how to create and use standard tables in BigQuery.

Specifying a schema

Learn how to create and update a schema for your table.

Protecting data with Cloud KMS keys

Learn how you can use customer-managed encryption keys (CMEK) for BigQuery.

Controlling access to datasets

Learn how to control access to datasets in BigQuery.

Google Cloud Basics
BigQuery resources

Find BigQuery pricing information along with current rate limits, slots, datasets, quotas, and more.

Explore what you can build with BigQuery

Discover BigQuery technical resource guides to help manage your data.

Use cases

Use cases

Use case
Migrating data from Teradata

Migrate your on-premises legacy data warehouse to an agile, cloud-based data warehouse solution. The combination of BigQuery Data Transfer Service (DTS) and a special on-premises migration agent lets you copy data to BigQuery, from a legacy warehouse such as Teradata.

And you can monitor recurring data loads to BigQuery by using BigQuery DTS’s web UI. We also provide additional easy-to-use tools and a global partner support system. Learn more.

BigQuery diagram
Use case
Migrating from Amazon Redshift to BigQuery

The BigQuery Data Transfer Service allows you to copy your data from an Amazon Redshift data warehouse to BigQuery. The service will engage migration agents in Google Kubernetes Engine and trigger an unload operation from Amazon Redshift to a staging area in an Amazon S3 bucket. Then the BigQuery Data Transfer Service transfers your data from the Amazon S3 bucket to BigQuery.

BigQuery diagram
Use case
Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics helps you predict future outcomes more accurately and discover opportunities in your business. Our smart analytics reference patterns are designed to reduce time-to-value for common analytics use cases with sample code and technical reference guides.

Learn how BigQuery and BigQuery ML can help you build an ecommerce recommendation system, predict customers' lifetime value, and design propensity to purchase solutions.

All features

All features

Serverless With serverless data warehousing, Google does all resource provisioning behind the scenes, so you can focus on data and analysis rather than worrying about upgrading, securing, or managing the infrastructure.
Multi-cloud capabilities BigQuery Omni (private alpha) allows you to analyze data across clouds using standard SQL and without leaving BigQuery’s familiar interface. Its flexible, fully managed infrastructure allows  your data analysts or data scientists to have a completely seamless data analysis experience. Complete this form to learn more.
Natural language processing Data QnA (private alpha) makes it easy for anyone to access the data insights they need through NLP—all while maintaining governance and security controls. Based on Analyza (Google Research), Data QnA enables you to analyze petabytes of data via BigQuery, and can be embedded where users work; chatbots, spreadsheets, BI platforms like Looker, or custom-built UIs. Complete this form to learn more.
Real-time analytics BigQuery’s high-speed streaming insertion API provides a powerful foundation for real-time analytics, making your latest business data immediately available for analysis. You can also leverage Pub/Sub and Dataflow to stream data into BigQuery.
Automatic high availability BigQuery transparently and automatically provides highly durable, replicated storage in multiple locations and high availability with no extra charge and no additional setup.
Standard SQL BigQuery supports a standard SQL dialect that is ANSI:2011 compliant, which reduces the need for code rewrites. BigQuery also provides ODBC and JDBC drivers at no cost to ensure your current applications can interact with its powerful engine.
Federated query and logical data warehousing Through powerful federated queries, BigQuery can process external data sources in object storage (Cloud Storage) for Parquet and ORC open source file formats, transactional databases (Bigtable, Cloud SQL), or spreadsheets in Drive. All this can be done without moving the data.
Convergence of data warehouse and data lake Run open source data science workloads (Spark, TensorFlow, Dataflow and Apache Beam, MapReduce, Pandas, and scikit-learn) directly on BigQuery using the Storage API. The Storage API provides a much simpler architecture and less data movement and doesn't need to have multiple copies of the same data.
Materialized Views Accelerate query performance and reduce costs within your environment with BigQuery Materialized Views. It is easy to set up, effortless to use, and best of all it's real time, allowing you to quickly get answers to your questions.
Storage and compute separation With BigQuery’s separated storage and compute, you have the option to choose the storage and processing solutions that make sense for your business and control access and costs for each.
Automatic backup and easy restore BigQuery automatically replicates data and keeps a seven-day history of changes, allowing you to easily restore and compare data from different times.
Geospatial data types and functions BigQuery GIS uniquely combines the serverless architecture of BigQuery with native support for geospatial analysis, so you can augment your analytics workflows with location intelligence. Simplify your analyses, see spatial data in fresh ways, and unlock entirely new lines of business with support for arbitrary points, lines, polygons, and multi-polygons in common geospatial data formats.
BigQuery data transfer service The BigQuery Data Transfer Service automatically transfers data from external data sources, like Google Marketing Platform, Google Ads, YouTube, and partner SaaS applications to BigQuery on a scheduled and fully managed basis. Users can also easily transfer data from Teradata and Amazon S3 to BigQuery.
Big data ecosystem integration With Dataproc and Dataflow, BigQuery provides integration with the Apache big data ecosystem, allowing existing Hadoop/Spark and Beam workloads to read or write data directly from BigQuery using the Storage API.
Petabyte scale Get great performance on your data, while knowing you can scale seamlessly to store and analyze petabytes to exabytes of data with ease.
Flexible pricing models On-demand pricing lets you pay only for the storage and compute that you use. Flat-rate pricing with Reservations enables high-volume users or enterprises to choose price predictability and workload management seamlessly. For more information, see BigQuery pricing or cost controls.
Data governance and security BigQuery provides strong security and governance controls with fine-grained controls through integration with Identity and Access Management. Rest assured knowing your data is encrypted at rest and in transit by default.
Geo-expansion BigQuery gives you the option of geographic data control (in US, Asia, and European locations), without the headaches of setting up and managing clusters and other computing resources in-region.
Foundation for AI Besides bringing ML to your data with BigQuery ML, integrations with AI Platform Prediction and TensorFlow enable you to train powerful models on structured data in minutes with just SQL.
Foundation for BI BigQuery forms the data warehousing backbone for modern BI solutions and enables seamless data integration, transformation, analysis, visualization, and reporting with tools from Google and our technology partners.
Flexible data ingestion Automatically move data from hundreds of popular business SaaS applications into BigQuery for free with Data Transfer Service (DTS) or leverage data integration tools like Cloud Data Fusion, Informatica, Talend, and more. Load and transform data at any scale from hybrid and multi-cloud applications.
Programmatic interaction BigQuery provides a REST API for easy programmatic access and application integration. Client libraries are available in Java, Python, Node.js, C#, Go, Ruby, and PHP. Business users can use Google Apps Script to access BigQuery from Sheets.
Rich monitoring and logging BigQuery provides rich monitoring, logging, and alerting through Cloud Audit Logs and it can serve as a repository for logs from any application or service using Cloud Logging.
Public datasets Google Cloud Public Datasets offer a powerful data repository of more than 100 high-demand public datasets from different industries. Google provides free storage for all public datasets, and customers can query up to 1 TB of data per month at no cost.
Always-free access The BigQuery sandbox gives you always-free access to the full power of BigQuery subject to certain limits. You can get started without a credit card, or without creating or enabling a billing account for your project. 



BigQuery charges for data storage, streaming inserts, and querying data, but loading and exporting data are free of charge. For detailed pricing information, please view the pricing guide.

Item Price

$0.02 per GB, per month

$0.01 per GB, per month for long-term storage

Streaming inserts $0.01 per 200 MB
Loading, copying, or exporting data; metadata operations Free

If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Google Cloud SKUs apply.

Subscription type Price

$5 per TB

First terabyte (1 TB) per month is free*

Flat-rate pricing

Starts at $1,700/month for a dedicated reservation of 100 slots.

$4 per hour for 100 Flex slots.

For more information, see flat-rate pricing.

Additional details: BigQuery ML pricing

Non-USD prices listed on Google Cloud SKUs

* The first 1 TB of data processed with BigQuery each month is free

BigQuery sandbox provides free, limited access

BigQuery’s quota policy applies for these operations



From data integration to analytics, Google Cloud partners have integrated their industry-leading tools with BigQuery for loading, transforming, and visualizing data.