BeyondCorp Remote Access

Implement zero trust access. Keep employees and your extended workforce productive wherever they are with simple, secure access to apps without using a VPN.

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    Manage access for apps on Google Cloud, other clouds, and on-premises

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    Define and enforce access policies based on user, device, and other contextual factors

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    Make apps more accessible and responsive through Google’s global network


Keep workers productive

Help employees, contractors, and partners stay productive with access to internal web apps from anywhere, on virtually any device.

Retain control

Enforce per-application access control based on user identity, device status, location, and other  attributes to increase security and reduce risk.

Deploy quickly

Enable remote access in days versus the months it takes to deploy traditional VPNs.

Key features

Implement zero trust access as a service, powered by Google’s global network

SaaS solution

BeyondCorp Remote Access enables your workforce to access apps hosted in the cloud or on-premises through our planet-scale SaaS solution.

Context-aware access control

BeyondCorp Remote Access allows you to enforce granular access controls to web apps, VMs, and Google Cloud APIs based on a user’s identity and context of the request.

Cloud or on-premises

With BeyondCorp Remote Access, you can enforce access policies for web apps hosted on Google Cloud, on your premises, or other public clouds, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Planet-scale infrastructure

BeyondCorp Remote Access is built on Google Cloud’s global infrastructure to help make apps more accessible, responsive, and secure.

3 icons on the left labeled employees, contractors, and partners feed into 2 icons under the header BeyondCorp Remote Access. 1st icon is labeled proxies and protects the traffic from the internet. This flows to 2nd icon: Enforces access policies for each app based on identity and context. Flow continues right into 3 icons labeled Web-based apps on Google Cloud, Web-based apps on other clouds, and Web-based apps on-premises

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