BeyondCorp Enterprise pricing

BeyondCorp Enterprise is priced at $6 (U.S. dollars) per user per month to access capabilities that can protect access to your web applications hosted on Google Cloud, other cloud services platforms, or on-premises, along with rich threat and data protections using Google Chrome. Contact us for more information.

The following table shows the differences between the baseline features available to Google Cloud customers and what is available with BeyondCorp Enterprise:
Application and VM access Baseline features Paid features
Application and VM protection with identity
Application and VM protection with IP and location rules
Default error messages and login flows
Capture device status (Endpoint Verification)
Application running on-premises or on other cloud services platforms  
Applications deployed behind internal HTTP load balancing  
Application and VM protection with device attributes and identity  
Automatic SSO redirect and custom error messages  
Advanced policy settings Baseline features Paid features
IP and location rules
Device-based rules  
Custom rules  
Partner signals in access policy  
Platform features Baseline features Paid features
Restrict access to the Google Cloud console and the Google Cloud APIs by organization users based on IP or location
Logging (via Cloud Logging)
Restrict access to the Cloud console and the Google Cloud APIs by organization users based on device attributes  
Policy Troubleshooter for BeyondCorp Enterprise  
Threat and data protection Baseline features Paid features
Phishing, malware, and data loss protection  

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